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Notes From the Underground

[whitespace] Inciting Soul:
Santa Cruz sees spring around the corner with a Saturday night brimming over with old-fashioned rock & roll

SATURDAY NIGHT BUZZED WITH ACTIVITY in all of SC's major venues. A mob of clean-cut Vespa devotees, who rarely find themselves represented in town, filed into Streetlight to watch the Inciters play hip soul, tinged around the edges with ska horns and vocal harmonies a la Rezillos. When a representative of the Law stormed in to break up the show for lack of a noise permit--fortunately during the band's final song--onlookers didn't have to call it a night.

Crowds flocked to the Catalyst to revere Link Wray, the old master of rockin' guitar and early experimental distortion.

Members of the What Nots and Political Silence put on shows at their respective homes, a method that still works grandly when other channels look bleak. Spring fever seems to have infected the hearts of promoters--the shows are beginning to go forth and multiply.
Arwen Curry

That's Zum Record

Zum Zum is a divine blast of rock & roll euphoria. Zum Zum spins from the grungy riff fiesta of "Cat Girl" to the sweet Breeders-like harmonics of "Chris" with the greatest of ease. Lead vocalist Spike's tenacious voice brings to mind "Bad Reputation"-era Joan Jett, which totally rocks my pubescent tacos. Recorded by Thom Wilson (Stiv Bators, Offspring), this release is infinitely better than the work of an industry hack like Paula Cole (while Sasquatch armpit hair is intrinsically punk rock, this might explain why all the cowboys are running away from you, Miss Cole).

"Baby Machine," with its "Shut up/You're only 15" chorus is a sarcastic hoot! Nearly every song paints a vivid portrait of society's have-nots that succeeds on its own terms.

Just like Jiffy lodged to the roof of my dog Edgar's mouth, Spike and Frank's crunchy guitar riffs will permanently stick to your cerebellum after hearing this. Remember Tara Lipinski bawling after her gold medal­winning routine at Nagano? Well, I'm all teary-eyed now because this whole thing is so damn good (I'm going to have to steal more eyeliner from my mom's purse to maintain my Friday night Gene Loves Jezebel look). Zum Zum's currently looking for a new drummer--drop them a line at P.O. Box 808, Capitola, 95010.
Matt Koumaras


On Saturday, US Bombs is back with Riff Raff, Nothing Substantial and the Products of Public Schools at the Felton Community Hall (6191 Hwy. 9, 8pm, all ages). On Sunday, Krupted Peasant Farmerz (San Jose classic, back from the dead!) open for Naked Aggression with Ready Men, the Curbs and Reliance at the Felton Hall (7pm, $5, all ages).

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From the March 12-18, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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