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[whitespace] Money Troubles

By Karen Reardanz

Just when they thought their troubles were behind them, the folks at Saturn Cafe are once again under fire--this time their woes are financial. According to Saturn's Tristan Nathe, the Saturn crew was putting finishing touches on diagrams for the new kitchen at the future Laurel Street restaurant when they received the news that Cal Farm, Saturn's insurance company, would settle for only half the money the staff previously thought it'd get after the New Year's fire that left the Mission Street location seriously charred.

So now the Saturn Cafe crew is embroiled in a legal battle with Cal Farm--Nathe says that they hope to get at least a bit more cash from the insurance company--and is seeking other monetary avenues to outfit the new spot. The bad news for Saturn Cafe fans? The grand reopening has been pushed back at least two months.

The Literary Front

Local author James D. Houston has received an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation for his Hawaii-set novel The Last Paradise.

Each year, the foundation presents the award to an author whose books enhance cross-cultural understanding. Houston, a recent Goldies winner for best author in Santa Cruz County, will receive the award on May 1 at the Book Expo in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, his wife, Farewell to Manzanar author Jeanne Houston, is penning a new work.

Arts Talk

The Scotts Valley Performing Arts theater troupe played host to a Hollywood reunion of sorts at the gala opening of its new production, The Little Shop of Horrors, last Friday night. Leading man Mel Welles invited his old screen cohort Jonathan Haze, the original Seymour in the 1960 Roger Corman film, to the opening.

On the local music front, SC's pop-punksters the What-Nots are in the throes of recording a new album.

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From the April 14-21, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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