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Notes From the Underground

[whitespace] Noise Scouts:
Traveling noise bands summon local spirits

Migrating noise bands from Chicago awakened the spirit of SC noise fans on Friday in the clean educational shrine of UCSC's Stevenson Rec. Room. The Abandoned Food, with ever-ambiguous frontman Joseph, captivated a tame but willing audience. Stage presence was abundant, and musical deviations most fluid, particularly Andrew Maxwell's masterful guitar work. During the last "song," Maxwell leaned over with a grin and gave drummer Chris Cohen a peck on the top of the head for some sweet comment the audience couldn't hear, but the gesture elicited a good dose of "awwws," and the sincerity of it made the show.

I've seen the Lowdown in a state of chaos that is sort of fun, but the band is all the better when it has a little form to its songs. On Friday, Lowdown was prepared, with personable singer Josh and robot-man Noel on drums for contrast. The Nautical Almanacs performed dastardly acts with a variety of noisy apparati, only some of which were designed for the purpose. Fellow Windy City woman Zeek Sheck manipulated the bejeesus out of a drum set--and occasionally a harmonica--synchronized with a tape of previously recorded noises and a lot of reverberation.
Arwen Curry

Mean Streets

Most shows operate smoothly when bands, fans and security treat each other with respect. But there's a small minority of bouncers that's becoming more sinister. Here are some tell-tale ways to detect the demonic bouncer. Does he argue with the wrestlers on Monday Night Nitro? Does he have a hairstyle from '88-'98--i.e. a John Stamos cut, Donnie Wahlberg flat top and tail, or an au courant shaved head? Did he recently return his Judas Priest box set to Columbia House with an angry note reading, "I better not have another CD coming!"
Matt Koumaras


On Saturday, a spectacular SCAB benefit for the Aptos skate park begins at 10am at Aptos High with a pro-skate demo plus Mock, Riff Raff, Herbert, Dilligaf, Vessel, Randumbs, Lonely Kings and Lost Cause ($5). On Sunday, Junk Sick Dawn, Buddy's Riot, Headcheese, Ominum, Vessel and Exploding Crustaceans play the Cocodrie (5pm, all ages).

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From the April 16-22, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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