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Notes From the Underground


Hard Chord:
Live KZSC compilation records '97 shows

ABOUT A YEAR AGO when I was delivering pizza to pay my rent, I was constantly plugged into KZSC, 88.1 FM, our local specimen of college radio. Occasionally I would get lucky and miss the campus news and catch instead one of the series of live performances recorded by Andy Pitman on his "Reverend Brady's Rock 'N' Roll Revue," or Matt Peake's "Technophobic Planet." I talked to Mr. Pitman and Mr. Peake way back in those dark ages about what sinister plans they had for those shows, and they told me of a CD project of live radio performances. Well, kids, it's here, and it's a veritable timeline of last year's local and touring bands.

The CD, Radio Revolution: A Critical Nuisance, is packaged simply and with elegance and, like other local notable comps, features an assortment of bands, we begin with the Need, then move through Oliver Brown with his pet ukulele and on to Makara for the first three tracks, just to give you some idea of the album's progression. Though there are some gaps in sound quality, like on the Muggs "Princie," in general the recording does justice to the bands.
Arwen Curry

Indie-pendent Together

Indie forces transported me from my futon to Palookaville Wednesday. The Muggs, with Tracy and Miya's irresistible vocals, sounded like Perry Farrell hooked up to a Jolt IV. The What-Nots performed their usual brilliant stop-start interludes, with choruses so contagious the band should be under quarantine. The Huxtables' squeaky pop sheen was more rockish live--as evidenced by jelly pelted into the crowd. The group scorched through what should be regarded as the best song of all time, "Mail Lady" (pushing Ratt's "Round & Round" to No. 2).
Matt Koumaras


On Friday, the Idle Spurs, Heat and Dura-delinquent play at Stevenson, UCSC (7pm, $4). On Saturday, Aquabats, Slow Gherkin and Los Hooligans play at College 8, UCSC (5pm, free).

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From the April 23-29, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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