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Travel Like An Egyptian

[whitespace] fishing boat Sail of the Centuries: Egyptian fisher folk have harvested the Nile for their sustenance in the same way for over 4,000 years.

Christina Waters

Eleven helpful tips that will make a Nile sojourn successful

By Christina Waters

IT IS WORTH ALL THE HASSLE, all the travel time, all the preparation. Egypt is the mother of all cultures and all peoples. At least once in your life, you owe it to yourself to return to the source. But do so with the hard-earned wisdom of one who walked the path before you.

Tut Hotel management has probably changed many times since our visit last October. If I were doing the Luxor trip all over again, I would stay either at the Edwardian era Winter Palace (Corniche El Nil, Tel. 20 95 580422) or at the Novotel Luxor (Khaled Ebn El Walid St., Tel. 20 95 380924).

Bring camera and film (duh), and if you would like to remember your trip in a more intimate way, consider taking watercolors and some good-quality watercolor paper. I painted each day during my Egypt odyssey and saw the land in a different, more indelible way than if I'd only aimed a camera.

Check with your doctor before leaving--hepatitis shots will probably be advised.

Expect a day of E. coli down time--everybody's system needs to adapt to foreign travel, no matter how careful you are about eating and drinking.

Take bottled water with you wherever you go--at all times.

Observe clothing conventions--short shorts and tank tops will bring glares and taunts. Touring in very hot weather is much more manageable in loose flowing clothing.

Don't bother with a video camera. You will either be charged heavily to bring it into temples and tombs or forbidden to use it.

Sunscreen and a hat will save your life in Egypt.

Forget about coffee, this is a land of tea.

Felafels are your friends.

Take at least one sunset sail on the Nile. You will never forget it.

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From the May 7-13, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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