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Notes From the Underground

[whitespace] Squash Freeze Frame: 'Squash,' another of Santa Cruz's nutty zines, takes meaningful looks at pressing issues like ice cream safety.

Zine Beat:
Another local zine takes a stab at music, work and children's early-morning icons

WELL, GET ME A JOB in a diner and make my boss a pudgy guy in a white undershirt and knit cap--Squash magazine's "Parts Is Parts" issue really kissed my grits. I typically judge a zine by how long it stays on top of my commode at home--I've got an old Probe magazine lurking up there, some Glamour magazines (only for the fashion do's and don'ts), and this little zine could outlast them all. Plus it was free--people over pennies!

Squash features some demented takes on wrestling and gun safety, plus interviews with professional skater Tony Brismeno and music folks Oliver Brown, Modest Mouse and those barely legal Damones.

Probably the funniest piece is "When Skaters Attack," which accurately captures the viciousness of local skaters as they harass the downtown business folk. This whole thing was just about as wacky as the last four Kevin Costner movies.

Check out the "Anonymous Post-It Note" revenge piece, guaranteed to be a hit in any dysfunctional workplace. An in-depth critique of the psychological effects of working in a demeaning costume (i.e. The Ravioli Man you taunted on Mission Street a few summers ago) should prep you for that potentially evil summer job. Plus, Squash's photo of a stripper with the Bert and Ernie dolls is just aching to be posted on Gilman's "unacceptable" bulletin board.

Squash almost fills the big shoes that Hectic Times and Monkey Magnet used to wear so well. Get in touch with the creators at Squash, 343 Soquel Ave., #60, Santa Cruz, 95062.
Matt Koumaras

Metal of Honor

Oh yes, metal is very alive and as well as it ever was in Santa Cruz. Under the delicious blue spring sky lurks a force of impassioned evil, a boy-force that never loved its mom as much as it loved Ozzy. The force is Herbert, the album is Chrysalis, the latent local metal-head's favorite new release.

Singer/guitarist Mike Anderson is responsible not only for achieving that impressively consistent, creepy whine, but for designing the luminous cover art as well. Unfortunately, the art disguises the song order pretty well--such is the sacrifice of artistic license.

The sixth song is a break from the sheer Sabbath-ness (minus the sugar) of it all, with a funny lounge intro that dissolves softly into heavier beats. Steve Isle is quite a gifted drummer, which comes through on the recording only a little milder than it does in "real life." If you're into these guys, I have no doubt you'll be very excited about the quality of Chrysalis.

Also check out new releases by Dojo, Soda Pop Fuck You and Puke (on the Good Luck with Your Bad Habits compilation.)

And don't you kids out there forget about the 320A house and similar unofficial venues--they are the lifeblood of Santa Cruz music in the summer. The shows may be sparse these days, but the opportunities are there. With any luck, Team Dresch and some of its pals will be stopping by town on June 12, and will need somewhere to roost. It's common enough that great bands bypass town for lack of a place to play. Let's do our best to open up our doors.
Arwen Curry


Soda Pop Fuck You, American Steel and End of the World play Palookaville on June 10 (9pm, $5).

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From the June 4-10, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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