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Pop Rocks!

[whitespace] Chaos Lounge
The Lounge Ladies: Chaos Lounge proved its rock & roll worth at Skinny's last week.

Local pop rock received an urgent injection at Skinny's last week

By Matt Koumaras

THE PEGGY HILLS' supersized garage-pop was more rewarding than any Happy Meal prize last Friday at Skinny's. Birthday gal Eden and company had the unparalleled skill to stamp each two-minute flurry with hooky meaning. India's passionate vocal charges were more affecting than sniffing propane before the 4-H meeting. The precise harmonies this trio pulled off could break up any army. As an unwilling participant in the DMV's organ-donor program, I know that even if my heart is ever used as a transplant, it will always say Peggy Hills.

Also on the bill was Chaos Lounge, who purely is rock & roll. I'm not just saying this because they're going to be signed and be right next to Cher in Columbia House's catalog or because they'll rough up everyone backstage at the Lilith Fair next year. I mean it. Kirsten transformed herself into an incredible She-Hulk and went on a percussion rampage on "Chaos." Phoebe's intricate intro to "Corn on the Cob" ruled. The hypnotizing three-note bass line that Amy played during "No Sleep" had everyone's feet doing a Strictly Ballroom routine.

The tight stopgap metal parts, combined with the hilarious "You're just a pint-sized man" chorus in "Napoleon," dictated awesome music. The two-headed vocal team of Anji and Krissy obviously had a blast belting out infectious vocals neck deep in soul, and that's exactly what made this band fun for the audience.

Las Munecas played what could have been its last show. If that is the case, this story has a good ending, thanks in part to Bean's urgent guitar leads that stuck like Krazy Glue to a groping octopus. Bassist and Supercuts tragedy Alex could stop an ambulance on the freeway with his big thumb pickings.

Cancer Sux

P.A.W.N.S. made its homecoming at the Cancer Sux benefit last Saturday at the Junxion. The sound of the band has changed with the new lineup, but the effect is still much the same--this band still scoops out luscious bits of Neopolitan punk galore. St. Anne had full-time vocal duty and was the perfect foil to the manic punk rhythms with her calm-after-the-storm chants. Sam sharpened his No. 2 pencil as he passed the new-bassist test with fluid work.

Gabriel Ratchets scurried up energetic punk snacks with dashes of emo. Sean's thunderous drumming howls ripped his drum kit out of anger-management classes and enrolled it in the academy of blood. Chris' demented guitar operations had a Winchester Mystery House-like feel and kept opening up new doors that led to eerily imaginative mind trips.

Real Sex GooGooplex shall undergo death by PC fire for its acoustic ribaldry with songs about Reese Witherspoon and potty-mouthed sin. Any band that says it "wants to break you like an Easter egg and put you all over its face" is aiming straight for your heart despite shooting below the belt. Brilliant!

Abhorrence opened and added just the right quotient of pop to punk. Brandon sliced up juicy metal guitar leads on "Striking Distance." Pat stripped and shook his six-string moneymaker all the way to the riff bank.


On Thursday, June 10, the What-Nots, Cara Dura and the Peggy Hills play the Catalyst. On Friday, Boy Kicks Girl, HBA, Thumbs Down and No Class play at the Campbell Center, Winchester at Campbell Ave, Campbell (a/a, 8pm, $5), while Burlacticus Undertow and Exploding Crustaceans play Skinny McDoogle's (21&up).

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From the June 9-16, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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