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Reaching Out

[whitespace] A guide to finding kindred souls

By Kelly Luker

BEING OUT AND PROUD, it might be just fine to wander in to your local house of worship for a cup o' Communion and a bit of fellowship. Then again, you might want to talk to some kindred souls before testing the holy waters. Want to know the official policy of various denominations and religions regarding homosexuality? Check out the Religious Tolerance website.

The following are websites and phone numbers of both local and national groups working to welcome gays and lesbians into the fold.

Evangelicals Concerned: This national network of gay and lesbian evangelical Christians and friends offers a vast amount of biblical research to refute fundamentalist interpretation of homosexuality in the Bible.

Whosoever: An online Christian magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons.

Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches: Lavender Road, 831/459-8442

Catholic Holy Cross Outreach Ministries: 831/423-8914

Lutherans Concerned

More Light Presbyterians

LesbiGay Christians and Integrity, Inc.: Episcopalian group.

Celebration of Faith: This website has excellent links to other gay and lesbian Christian websites.

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From the June 23-30, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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