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Really Not So Weird

By Andrea Perkins


RAW, STEAMING SELF-INDULGENCE, not the banal, wholesome self-indulgence found on so many personalized websites. No photos of South American vacations or extreme sporting activities here. Labia, a high-tech consultant by day, self-described sultry sex symbol and philosophizing jazz singer by night, indexes her private thoughts and fantasies for a voyeuristic world. The design is simple, even tempting. But the poorly proofread content packs more bark than bite, leaving even the most desperate voyeurs feeling empty. Who really has enough time to wander through a hodgepodge of bad erotic poetry ("I'm your helpless, innocent, love object") and painfully descriptive dreams (masturbating on mountains of risotto) anyway? Martini recipes, humorous lists that could end up as email, childhood memories of playing doctor, tame fuzzy black-and-white glam photos and not-so-bizarre anecdotes, such as meeting Wavy Gravy in a hot tub, provide additional fodder. "It's cheaper than therapy," explains Labia. But is it as effective?

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From the July 12-19, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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