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San Jose pop band Smash Mouth has a top 10 hit with 'All Star' from their latest, 'Astro Lounge.'

Los Otros and Quetzal hit the Catalyst with new albums and new lineups

By David Espinoza

AFTER MONTHS OF hard work in the studio (well, garage, to be exact), Bay Area Chicano folk-rockers Los Otros have finally got the first batch of their debut album, Radio Chon, pressed and ready to roll. Produced by Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos, the new CD on Son Del Barrio Records will include a spicy batch of original acoustic as well as electrified tunes. In preparation for a few upcoming CD-release parties, Los Otros hit the Catalyst along with pals/label mates Quetzal Aug. 6.

While the all-male Otros have played the Catalyst a number of times in the past year, the last two Quetzal gigs in SC have taken place on campus at UCSC. The transition didn't seem to affect the nine-member Quetzal, who have played just about every club in their native Los Angeles. Starting things off with their tribute to the people in Chiapas, "Grito de Alegria," Quetzal got the crowd on their feet and dancing to the mix of cumbia and Chicano-folk fusion. The band itself has gone through some lineup changes in the last four months, replacing guitarist Gabriel Tenorio and violinist Tylana Enomoto. Since then, the band has added two violinists, giving the sound a modern mariachi feel.

When it comes to playing live, the heart of Quetzal is the brother and sister team Gabriel and Martha Gonzalez. Performers since they were kids, the two singers harmonize beautifully together--and they do a mean salsa. Only a year after their self-titled debut, the band is recording a new album, said to contain traditional Mexican instruments making "harsh" sounds. Orale.

Foot in Mouth

At press time, a certain band from San Jose had nearly finalized plans to shoot a video in locations around downtown Santa Cruz and the beach this week. My well-connected source has sworn me to secrecy, so it would be unethical to reveal who the band is. Let's just say they have a song that talks of walking and the sun.

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From the August 11-18, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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