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The Show Lane

[whitespace] Phil Sherwood What's Good: The What-Nots, featuring Phil Sherwood (above), rocked the Vets Hall last Friday, with Tsumani Bomb and Krupted Peasant Farmers.

Edmund Lee

The Vets Hall and the Catalyst open their doors to shows aplenty this past week

QUITE THE LITTLE SHINDIG last Friday at the Vets Hall--a couple of old war vets even told me how it was "Friday night, and they were in love" with the quality lineup. Leading off was Tsunami Bomb, and I regret catching only four songs. But from what I did catch, I know I loved the foxy B-52's-styled female vocals--sweet stuff!

Junk Sick Dawn played a frustrating three-song set before having the P.A. yanked on them. I heard different stories from both parties, but whatever the reason for it, the pointless tension made the mood a downer for the rest of the evening.

San Jose's Krupted Peasant Farmerz (heading off to Europe soon) proved they're still one of the slickest '80s skate-punk bands around. The Farmerz cultivate raw pop ditties that stick with you. "Fuck Your World" featured an endless supply of tasty choruses and clever power chords. K.P.F. proved punk's not dead--it has just become a farmer.

My 103-degree temperature and foam at the mouth only could be attributed to a severe case of What-Not-itis. The band's sweaty, live performances have yet to leave me high and dry. It reminds me of Team Dresch except with more kick-start riffs, gutsy vocals and an orgy of time changes. Can I just say now that "Pretty" has moved to the No. 1 spot of my favorite songs of all time? The What-Nots' always-rocking finale, "Glockenspiel," must be German for "awesome cover song."

The chord-mad guitar escapades between Eden and Phil were hotter than Fresno asphalt. Kevin's drums and Brendan's bass chewed on sturdy rhythms like bubblegum, as Dee Dee Ramone used to say. The What-Nots craft great rock music as easy as "1-2-3."

Cause & Effect

I finally got a chance to see Lost Cause last Thursday at the Catalyst. The band reminds me of MDC with its chainsaw guitar stalking the overpowering vocals, and then mixed in with a little of that old NYC crew thing. What Lost Cause might lack a bit in originality, it amply makes up for with tight, metal-tinged, hardcore anthems. When Lost Cause scorched through "All the Answers," the packed house went insane.

Riff Raff, who also played, rocked. Paul's bass and Tom's drums were truly the devil's spark plug, whipping syncopations into submission at warp speed. Troy's vocals sounded as powerful as ever. Odie's assorted guitar sprints and dives were all that ... and more. But boys, must we destroy our instruments after quite possibly our best show ever? Someday a real rain will come and wash these punk rockers off the street.

Headliners Vincent's Ear had to be feeling a little uneasy as to how the kids would respond to its rock opuses. Practically everybody smartly stayed around though, and got into the Ear's tunes--some of the denizens of the pit even created a tearful "Kodak moment" when they started dancing to "Highway Song." If Bruce's diverse guitar leads aren't impressive, then pour chum over me right now and feed me to the sharks.


Hayride to Hell, Buddy's Riot and the Barnyard Ballers play Palookaville on Thursday. Junk Sick Dawn and Duckbutter play the Aptos Club, also on Thursday (9pm, $2, 21 and up). MU330, Soda Pop Fuck You and Lonely Kings play on Saturday at the Vets Hall.
Matt Koumaras

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From the August 20-26, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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