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Notes From The Underground

[whitespace] Fu Manchu
En Route: The rumor mill predicts that Fu Manchu will hit Aptos in a few weeks.

Bridging the Divide:
The Great Divide generates raw heat on new release

I SAW THE the Great Divide play in San Jose a couple of weeks ago, and the band's short but sweaty set knocked my splint completely off! If these guys were tacos, they'd be Rock N' Tacos; if they were a city, they'd be Detroit Rock City. The Great Divide continues to flaunt some of the most dignified emo tunes around, as evidenced by its new three-song vinyl release. Luke's scorching guitar on "Sinking Ship" generates so much raw heat, the record became permanently welded to my left hand (which is putting a serious damper on my NHL Playstation career move). Spiffy vocals on that song too.

"Mind Sets," a lyrically concise kiss-off to corporate America, features a majestic fadeout ending that would have made Mozart pick up a #2 pencil and take serious notes. Tim's supersized bass lines on "United Unfolds" soar like an indie angel--clockwork drumming from Jalal too. My only complaint is that three songs aren't enough--I can't wait for a full-length release because I've got a small-man's complex. I hear the Great Divide is currently undergoing a lineup change (no, the group is not dividing), but definitely check them out when you get a chance. Available on Fiver/Myelin Sheath Records; write to Great Divide, 7555 Sunset Way #9, Aptos 95003 or send email to [email protected].

Smells Like SC Fans

The Aptos Club has been going out of its way with its Thursday dollar nights promoting local "underground" bands. Owner John Hartson and crew thankfully remain committed to helping out bands that would rather not cover "We Built This City" six times a night elsewhere around town. The new P.A. system packs quite a wallop inside the club's cozy confines. Heck, why not stay until Sunday for the barbecue and watch the Raiders get destroyed on satellite TV?

Even though the scene is gradually gaining momentum, we shouldn't take anything for granted. These Thursday shows could just as easily join such musical skeletons as Live Soup, Santa Cruz Hotel, Keynote Club, etc. Just about everyone speaks fondly of those places now and rightly so, but we have the opportunity to pick up some of the pieces by supporting these recent bills. The simple step of making it a point to check out some bands, whether new or old, keeps the blood flowing in the scene's veins. This Thursday (Oct. 8) at the Aptos Club figures to be a potential show-of-the-year candidate with Queens of the Stone Age, Mock and Time. The Queens really got things moving last time around, especially when they jettisoned into their Kyuss tunes. I proudly remember seeing Mock at the Aptos Club years ago (when it was known as Krazy's), and they played straight-up, insane punk. I haven't seen Time yet, but Bill, their drummer, was in L.A.B. and also used to be in Blast. The cover to get into this show is merely laundry money; and if you're really into Santa Cruz music, you know that true fans don't wash their clothes anyway (hence the new Santa Cruz music compilation Smell the Smell). Before I forget, a little birdy dropped a note on my head informing me that Fu Manchu is coming to Aptos in a couple weeks. Now, if we only had a youth center running too.


Speaking of youth centers, this Friday (Oct. 9) Riff Raff, Boy Kicks Girl, the Gods Hate Kansas and Outtaline play the Camden Teen Center in San Jose at 7pm.
By Matt Koumaras

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From the October 8-14, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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