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Voter Cheat Sheet

[whitespace] Metro Santa Cruz's Endorsements

U.S. Senate: Barbara Boxer

Congressional District 15: Dick Lane

Congressional District 17: Sam Farr

Governor: Gray Davis

Assembly District 27: Fred Keeley

Assembly District 28: Alan Styles

Santa Cruz City Council: Timothy Fitzmaurice and Keith Sugar

Capitola City Council: Dennis Norton

Scotts Valley City Council: Stephany Aguilar

Watsonville City Council:
District 4: Ana Ventura Phares
District 5: Dennis Osmer
District 7: Marion Thomas Martinez

Prop. 1: (Property tax breaks for toxic sites) Yes

Prop. 1A: (School bonds) Yes

Prop. 2: (Transportation funding) Yes

Prop. 3: (Partisan presidential primaries) Yes

Prop. 4: (Ban on traps) Yes

Prop. 5: (Indian gaming) Yes

Prop. 6: (Ban on sale of horse meat) Yes

Prop. 7: (Air quality tax credits) No

Prop. 8: (Public school councils) No

Prop. 9: (Utility rates) Yes

Prop. 10: (Cigarette tax) Yes

Prop. 11: (Tax revenue sharing) Yes

Measure E: (Pajaro District funding) Yes

Measure F: (Santa Cruz council stipend increase) Yes

Measure G: (Bombay property bonds) Yes

Measure H: (Santa Cruz city hiring) No

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From the October 22-28, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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