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Notes From The Underground

[whitespace] Dilligaf
A View to a Dill: Dilligaf impressed at the Aptos Club last week.

Sweet 16:
New all-female punk rock compilation storms into town like a hericane

RENAE BRYANT (of the Maximum Rock & Roll column and the band He's Dead Jim) put together Put Some Pussy in Your Punk Rock, the sweet 16-track female punk compilation that rocks you like a hericane. The final results are more engaging than watching Dr. Drew turn crimson after receiving an NC 17-rated lap dance from Adam on Loveline. San Francisco's roller derby queens the Loudmouths rev it up and pogo awesomely on "Girl From the Race Track." San Pedro's X-It's "Punk Rock Cop" crunches out a donut-shop classic. Naked Aggression (who've sadly broken up since their guitarist died of an asthma attack) shreds through politics with prowess on "Lies."

Part-time Saratoga punks Red #9 flaunt a melodic middle finger to the status quo on "Wheels of Change," a song recorded live at some supposed punk club in Berkeley. San Jose's Cookie sounds good with or without milk on the infectious "Wild Ride," while Oakland's The Desperate features some rad Bikini Kill-like scratchy vocals and top-heavy bass on "Last Virgin" that quickly morph into a neat X-like shuffle.

Yeah, a couple tracks do smell like that sulfurous diaper in the dumpster that's crawling its way back to the crib, but those only serve to make the other songs sound that much more impressive. Plus, an amusing bondage photo of Casey of D.I./Adolescents fame made me want to break into my mom's medicine cabinet and pop a few estrogen pills.

If being subjected to the yodels of Jewel has the same effect on you as a steel-toed Converse in the family jewels, I highly recommend picking up this album. For details, write On the Rag, P.O. Box 251, Norco, CA 91760.

Top Dilling

I try to judge live songs in terms of how good I think they would sound captured by my car's ghetto blaster--and, yes, the best song ever is still Ratt's omnipotent tearjerker, "Round and Round." Dilligaf's songs, as evidenced by the band's sonic assault on the Aptos Club last Thursday, are rapidly moving their way up to a deluxe apartment in the sky. They would sound perfect in my car.

Arch's machine gun-like guitar, a freak of elemental nature on the band's CD Vent, proved to be doubly impressive live. The rhythm section featuring Jeff on drums and Eric on bass consistently stopped, started and even polished dimes. Eric's vocals went all the way to crazy on "War Crimes." Jeff's sturdy vocals matched a bloodthirsty groove on "Don't Wanna Go." Dilligaf was more manic than Urkel's bladder after guzzling a keg of liquid sugar.

I had never seen Wyrm until last week, but the band seems to fit into that alternative rock style. The first song was great and kind of new wavey--excellent guitars. After a while, though, the Stone Temple Pilots-esque vocal howls reminded me of sinking my teeth into an apple and discovering half a worm. Didn't do much for me, but I guess it could have been wyrse.


Lode Star plays a CD release party with Lost Cause and Lonely Kings at the Aptos Club on Thursday (Oct. 29). Also on Thursday, Dojo will be at the Catalyst with Samsara and Impotent Sea Snakes. Canada's best punk band, S.N.F.U., headlines the Cactus Club with Link 80, New Mosquitoes, Concerning Eye and Boy Kicks Girl on Friday (Oct. 30).
By Matt Koumaras

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From the October 29-November 4, 1998 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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