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Upcoming Events of Note for Santa Cruz, Nov. 4-9

November 4

Even though Africa is a huge continent, there's an incredible shortage of accurate information available about it. Thank heavens for national treasure Henry Louis Gates Jr., who will visit the Capitola Theater to talk about Africana and Wonders of the African World, two remarkable contributions to the understanding of this diverse land. Capitola Theater, 120 Monterey Ave., 7:30 pm, free tickets available at Book Cafe. 462.4415.

November 6

Take a break from counting pennies and juggling jobs to face Santa Cruz's affordable housing crisis head-on. The Santa Cruz Action Network hosts a free Teach-In on Affordable Housing and Homelessness. Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center St., 10am-4pm, 458.9425.

November 6

Once again there is proof that dancing can help save the world. Boogie the Knight Away, a four-hour dance fest complete with local DJs, will raise funds to fight the Knight Initiative--some of the most blatantly anti-gay legislation ever to come out of the Senate. Veterans Memorial Building, 846 Front St., 8pm, $5-$15 sliding scale. 761.9652.

November 9

Many believe biotechnology is a tool of the Antichrist. But members of the Institute for Applied Biomedicine, a nonprofit biotech company working to develop a new drug to treat AIDS, are hosting a chat about Immundel. Jay Chaplin, research director, will discuss the drug's safety and effectiveness. UCSC Earth and Marine Sciences Building, Room B 206, 7:30pm; 454.9147.9

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From the November 3-10, 1999 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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