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Twist Into the Future

[whitespace] Lonely Kings Stand and Deliver: Lonely Kings singer Jake took on Palookaville bouncers Dec 19.

1999 ends with a 'Twisted' debut and a Palookaville punk rock homecoming for Good Riddance

By Matt Koumaras

I DON'T KNOW about you, but I can't go to the bathroom unless
I have something to read. (I don't hoard the Sentinel's "Bay Living" section for nothing, you know?) So while you're busy being pompous on the porcelain throne, tell your sister to put down that Holly Hobby Y2K militia kit and go get Twisted.

Dr. Know's beer and pizza delivery exchange scam shows a criminal mastermind with synapses working on all cylinders. Any zine that includes sex tip help from Yoda is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Interviews include an excellent one with the Melvins plus a couple with H20 and Chaos Lounge. This even comes with a blue vinyl record from Witchhook Sky--a spunky local band that was rocking Santa Cruz back in the old Keynote Club days when you were rocking with KCBA's Kid's Club. This zine is looking for submissions, so get down on your knees and make those creative lubricants flow. Twisted is available at Logos, Bookshop Santa Cruz, Capitola Book Cafe and Streetlight Records. Write to Half Acre of Hell Publications, PO Box 2501, Aptos, CA 95003-2501 or email [email protected]

Homecoming for the Holidays

Santa Cruz's finest punk export Good Riddance played the its last hometown punk rock show of the century at Palookaville Dec. 19. Though I'm not a doctor and just play one on the futon, extensive laboratory research at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory has verified that Good Riddance is so old school that their DNA is composed of anarchy signs. They skillfully carved out crisp punk rock stories of rebellion in stone.

Luke and Chuck's driving guitar upbeat blasts to "All Fall Down" tied a yellow ribbon around the crowd, giving it a resounding wallop they won't forget too soon. Russ, looking quite festive with a spiked, plumed coif, dazzled all with his frenetic vocals and stage struts. (I can't support his Canadian flag socks--communism is a very serious subject.) Luke's guitar stamped first-class leads while bassist Chuck was just Chuck--more priceless than anything on e-Bay and more punk than anyone in the East Bay. "Mother Superior" got everyone into the holiday spirit as people started kissing each other under the aerial attack of improperly laced shoes. Memo to self: Go get that Guns N Roses tattoo touched up so it looks more like the Good Riddance logo.

The Lonely Kings moved up to the second slot in the lineup for H20, which couldn't make the show. High-fives go out to lead vocalist Jake (and Chuck) for standing up for stage-diving kids who were being grabbed Darth Vader-style by the bouncers. It made me wonder, "Do bouncers grow mullet cuts and get Bad Boy stickers on the back of their monster trucks when they are hired? Or do they already have them, and that fact alone is the crucial selling point during the hiring process?" Whatever, Jake's guitar emitted warm and golden soundscapes as soothing as watering your neighbor's flower bed at 2am. The Kings ruled the shiny emo-pop commonwealths quite nicely, but the brutal metallic riff brigade for a finale was a power burn. Jason sought out and destroyed his drum kit, and Jesse delivered timelessly thick bass chomps.


The Expendables, No One and Branch Out play the Catalyst Thursday; Live Wire and Burlacticus Undertow are on the "Idle Hands" show, Free Radio SC (96.3FM) Tuesday.

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From the December 29, 1999 - January 5, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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