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Editor's Short List

Best Car Detailing

AJ's Car Detailing
702 Coleman Ave., San Jose

A fast, friendly, capable and well-priced operation that keeps cars looking spiffy.

Best Celebrity Chef Experience

Wolfgang Puck's theme dinners at Spago Palo Alto
265 Lytton Ave., Palo Alto

Seeing the master spot a missed course and whip up an impromptu appetizer, then run to the silverware caddy himself is worth the $75 price of admission. Themed décor and an innovative menu take these quarterly affairs over the top.

Best Downtown Sandwich Shop

Café Nono's
1 N First St., San Jose

Spicy Middle East meets American classics. If only the world mixed it up this well. Served with San Jose-roasted Vigal Coffee.

Best East Coast-Style Bagels

Izzy's Bagels
477 California Ave., Palo Alto

So good it put Noah's down the street out of business. And unlike Noah's, it remains kosher. Skip the espresso drinks, though.

Best East Coast-Style Pizza

Pizza My Heart
9 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos
1396 Lincoln Ave., San Jose

Thrown in the air the right way, the soft, thin crust demands that slices be folded to keep the ingredients from sliding off, which warms this Jersey boy's heart.

Best Landscape Designer

Cevan Forristt
San Jose

Zen Garden meets Indiana Jones. Sunset magazine award winner Cevan Forristt's creations turn backyards into works of art and fantasy escapes, incorporating innovative layouts with unusual materials, from rare bamboos to architectural salvage, granite chunks, broken pottery and shiny, colored high tech materials. This week's cover was shot at his house.

Best Late Night Bites

Asia Garden
304 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose

Frankie Johnnie & Luigi Too
939 W El Camino Real, Mountain View

In a valley where they roll up the sidewalks at 9:30 or 10pm, these places save the day (or night, actually) after an extra long day at the office, or during an evening on the town.

Best Mojito

La Bodeguita del Medio
463 California Ave., Palo Alto

With a touch of bitters and a spear of crushed mint, this Cuban classic and recent Bay Area rival to the trendy Cosmopolitan goes down clean and easy.

Best New Restaurant

5635 Silver Creek Valley Road, San Jose

Ensconced in an LA-style, palm-adorned Silver Creek shopping center is one of the area's great fine dining experiences, featuring a phenomenal wine list.

Best New Fish Restaurant

Hawg's Seafood Bar
150 S. Second St., San Jose

Strong on basics, Hawg's selects and cooks its fish expertly, and serves it in time to make curtain at the Repertory Theater next door.

Best Classic Fish Restaurant

Steamers Grillhouse
31 University Ave., Los Gatos

For more than two decades and now in its third incarnation, family-owned Steamers has consistently served great seafood to a loyal clientele. Avoid the bar on Thursdays...

Best Place to Get Stoned

U Save Rockery
589 E Gish Rd. San Jose

When the landscape calls for fieldstone or flagstone or Mexican river rocks, U-Save pretty much has it all. Impress friends by hoisting a boulder of volcanic featherweight rock overhead.

Best Reincarnated Restaurant

71 E. San Fernando St., San Jose
408 293-1121

With an upgraded bar and new menu, this pre-theater and business lunchspot has caught its second wind under new ownership.

Best Rocks Star

Evergreen Supply
2984 Monterey Hwy., San Jose

Haul home a rented trailer of concrete for patios or fence posts or fill up a pickup bed with sand and paving stones for a new driveway. For serious gardening and building projects, it's a building supply yard at its gritty finest.

Best Snakes and Reptiles

Reptile Ranch
2628 Union Ave., San Jose

We checked it out after the photo session for this issue's cover and found everything from Hogg Island boas and Burmese pythons to zebra geckos and chameleons, not to mention a very ugly bullfrog. Very cool.

Best Wine Bar

Wine Galleria
371 S. First St., San Jose

Located in between Café Matisse and d.p. fong gallery, this arty SoFA district conversation spot fills glasses with a hearty selection of some mighty tasty vino.

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