White Album Ensemble Concert Sept. 15-16, Montgomery Theater, San Jose

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Volume 1, Number 19 - September 13, 2006 - San Jose, CA

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We've scoured the streets, hit the clubs and stared at flat panel monitors to bring you...

The Beach Club, Punk Legends, Bob Sinclar & Dirty Swamp Rock


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editorial pick
digital underground
Fri. Sep. 15, 9pm
Avalon Nightclub
777 Lawrence Expwy.,
Santa Clara

Digital Underground @ PAC's Collabo

FUNKY HOME BREW: Pacific Art Collective finally has a permanent home inside the Avalon Nightclub and they're introducing their new gallery with a grandiose opening reception featuring artists David Choong Lee and Duser. Afterward, the not so usual Collabo gets underway with special guest headliners Digital Underground. Digital Underground has always dug a little deeper in pioneering the sampling of the rap game fostering a fascination with funk that hit the archives pre-George Clinton. MC Shock G (aka Humpty Hump) leads the rap and roll circus and his professed misfit nature is sublimely perfect for the artistic mishmash of PAC's Collabo production. Pep Love, Bukue One, Prohoezak and Undahoggs also perform with a live poetry slam and the usual PAC cavalcade of mind-blowing artists creating a new instillation on the spot.

metroactive clubs newsletter
Wed. Sep. 13, 8pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco


PUNK-POP LIFT OFF: A good turn on the Warped Tour can do wonders for a band and after rabid fan response to Sugarcult was witnessed by the Vans ticket grabbers, what was supposed to be a short stint for the group through their native So Cal, ended up being a full two-month road trip. Heck, hit songs "Stuck in America" and Bouncing Off the Walls" didn't hurt Sugarcult's pop-punk rep either. The boys hit the Fillmore on their tour for their latest offering to get the slightly subversive alt-girls screaming, Lights Out.

blue monkey lounge
Wed. Sep 13, 9pm
Blue Monkey Lounge
1 E. San Fernando St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Karma @ Blue Monkey

CAUSE AND EFFECT: The laws of Karma, in short, state that metaphysically there is an equal reaction for every action, so keep your soul on the positive side of life by hitting one of the chillest scenes in San Jose. Rick Preston and Lars Behrenroth join Karma residents Mike Slim and Les Carter tonight at the Blue Monkey Lounge for body rocking house party that'll replenish your karmatic wells with the Blue Monkey drink slingers working OT to replenish your, uh, other wells.

white album ensemble
southern culture on the skids
Thu. Sep. 14, 9pm
Moe's Alley
1535 Commercial Way,
Santa Cruz
831. 479.1854

Southern Culture on the Skids

DIRT TRACK DATE: Yank your vinyl recliner out to the overgrown and weed infested lawn that surrounds the double wide, put another 'possum in the trash can stew and crack a jug 'o moonshine 'cause the sickest swamp-rock, trashabilly campy hicksters from the right side of NC are hittin' the coast full throttle. Southern Culture on the Skids delivers a rock and roll party like only few can, getting' the crowds boppin' to their unique blend of backwater surf rock. Rick Miller is a guitar geek to the core, picking and playing like the Devil's on his back. Mary Huff slaps the bass with her beehive do swaying and quintessential redneck nerd drummer Dave Hartman hits the skins upright style while chuggin' a beer and chowin' fried chicken. People, seriously, it just ain't gonna get better than this. For a double helpin' of SCOTS, the trio will be in The City at the Great American Music Hall tomorrow night.

the cardiff lounge
Thu. Sep. 14, 9pm
Cardiff Lounge
260 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell

Foxy @ Cardiff Lounge

THREE AND COUNTING: The three-year anniversary of Foxy, a deep house and rare groove chill dance party at the undisputed king of the Campbell nightclub scene, The Cardiff Lounge, celebrates by bringing in all the beat scientists that created a viable alternative to Downtown San Jo. DJ Aura, MJ Gamez, Sergio Aragones, Federico Zabala, Zacarias and Judd Xavier will be trading time on the decks and you know the Cardiff slingers will be prepared with the drink specials.

Thu. Sep. 14, 7:30pm
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz


THE ART OF NOISE: Not quite prog-rock and not quite metal, Dredg is Los Gatos' gift to complex and cacophonous rock and roll, definitely on the harder side, but with a distinct orchestral bent. Their latest offering to the aural senses of the public is Catch Without Arms which was produced by famed Deftones producer Terry Date--so that should give you an idea of where the sound is heading if you've never heard these guys before. This is the first of two performances for Dredg at The Catalyst (they're cranking the amps on Friday as well).

nitzer ebb
Thu. Sep. 14, 9pm
333 11th St., San Francisco

Nitzer Ebb

ELECTRIC SHOCK TROOPS: Before the heavy industrial movement of the '90s, there was Nitzer Ebb producing early electro-industrial and beat heavy techno for the '80s European alternative dance scene. With an affinity for darkly pounding goth and punk, Nitzer Ebb became an experimental force on the dance floor utilizing the emerging technology of synthesizers, beat machines and drum pads fused with their almost monkesque vocal chanting. Nitzer Ebb, after being absent from the alt-house and techno scenes for a few years, is back with Body Rework seeking to reclaim their one time pseudo-militaristic command of the industrial house dance floors.

vault ultra lounge
Fri. Sep. 15, 10pm
Vault Ultra Lounge
81 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Utopia @ The Vault

IDYLLIC DREAMLAND: When Sir Thomas More presented his seminal work of an imaginary, idealistic island where society lives in harmony with government and everybody is free from the usual ravages of life, Utopia was thought to be nowhere. Then again, we're sure in 1516 there was probably no scene to rival the decadent one at Vault Ultra Lounge. The new Utopia party features master DJ Komodo in the front room with DJ Jay Reece taking hold in the back and together with you, The Vault will try to install More's vision as a Friday night reality.

white album ensemble
Fri.-Sat., Sep. 15-16, 7pm
Montgomery Theatre
150 W. San Carlos St.,
San Jose

White Album Ensemble

RUBBER SOULS: We suppose that parlaying your obsession into a viable occupation is the dream of every fan, well the White Album Ensemble has done just that taking their deep-rooted Beatlemania, nascent musical talent and love of splashy colored faux military uniforms to create one of the best Beatles cover bands ever. You usually see cover bands devoted solely to harder rocking outfits, but to see one covering the Beatles is probably your mom's dream come true. The group usually takes a pair of well known Beatle's albums and blends them together to form an eclectic concert that spans two wholly separate Beatle's styles and sounds. This show at the Montgomery is one of the first times the White Album Ensemble is appearing on a proper stage--with all the accoutrements--instead of an outdoor stage. Here's a big cheers to knowing that Yoko won't show up.

chris clouse
Fri. Sep. 15, 9pm
Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge
99 E. San Fernando St.,
San Jose

Chris Clouse w/ Zhaldee

INDIE REVIVAL: Chris Clouse is no modern day coffeehouse beatnik folk singer and as his musical prowess grows, so does his following. Playing everything from fiddle to electric guitar and melodiously blending them with house style break drum beats, Clouse gets his hooks into the crowd right from the first chord. This show, Clouse teams with DJ collaborator Zhaldee and when the two are together it sounds like a toned high-five between two seemingly variant musical styles.

make me
Fri. Sep. 15, 9pm
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

Make Me

SYNTH REBELS: Continuing their indie rock showcase, The Blank Club is bringing in Make Me, in all their synth-wave glory, from Oakland where the mod quartet has been cutting their teeth on the East Bay club circuit. Fellow non-conformist rockers Bloomfield Underground and Glass Museum open up this free adventure into the lands where people make music spontaneously leap from seemingly inanimate objects.

rob base
Fri. Sep. 15, 7:30pm
HP Pavilion
525 W. Santa Clara St.,
San Jose

Freestyle Explosion

CALL IT A COMEBACK: After being pushed aside by the advent of reggaeton, soulless neo hip-hop and that whole freakin' hyphy movement, the world is ripe for a freestyle comeback. The upbeat club music embraces now innocent themes of unrequited love and promoting a general feel-good party atmosphere--a distinct change from the more aggressive and explicit R&B that commands our airwaves today. Plus, nothing can move the dance floors like Freestyle. KISS FM presents the Freestyle Explosion featuring the man responsible for one of the most sampled beats of all time, Rob Base (pictured) with Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam, Debbie Deb, Afrika Bambaata and The Soul Sonic Force, Planet Patrol, Angel the Original Cover Girl, Nocera, Lisette Melendez and Timmy T.

white album ensemble
beach club at boomerang bay
Sat. Sept 16, Noon
Boomerang Bay
4701 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara

Beach Club @ Boomerang Bay

SWIMSUIT SEASON SWAN SONG: This 21+ all day beach party at Boomerang Bay in the Great America theme park features multiple fully-stocked bars, VIP areas and acclaimed DJs including DJ AM, Morse Code, David Savior and others. This is probably the last beach party of the summer that was filled with them, so keep in swimsuit shape just a little while longer kids.

paul van dyk
Sat. Sep. 16, 9pm
1015 Folsom
1015 Folsom, San Francisco

Paul van Dyk

HAVE BEATS, WILL TRAVEL: DJ and producer Paul van Dyk has provided the soundtrack to the German house, progressive trance and techno dance revolutions since he first broke into the scene in '88. Along with fellow beat head Paul Oakenfold, van Dyk was one of the first globe trotting DJs who were selling out enormous venues across the world with nothing more than a ton of vinyl and an ear for sound in their arsenals. For this show at 1015, Paul van Dyk is spinning a 4-hour exclusive set starting at midnight.

big bad voodoo daddy
Sat. Sep. 16, 7:30pm
Mountain Winery
14831 Pierce Rd., Saratoga

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

TOAST THE COCKTAIL NATION: Like a perfectly shaken martini followed swiftly by a scotch on the rocks, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy hits you full bore with the kitschy action of the cocktail nation and a healthy swizzle of the true lounge culture. When Scotty takes hold of that oversized mike and the boys start swinging, you can almost see the ghosts of The Rat Pack pouring a drink, lighting up and grinning in that big nightclub in the sky. While the retro swing movement may have stalled in the hearts and souls of many Gen-Xers, the zoot suited, big band, swinging days of yore are too powerful to be dependent wholly upon the whimsical nature of the self-professed slacker generation.

bob sinclair
Sat. Sep. 16, 9pm
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
99 Grove St., San Francisco

Bob Sinclar

LOVE CRUSADER: Boasting the hottest dance track this summer and fresh off a stint on Modonna's World Confessions Tour, Bob Sinclar is the "it" DJ dropping beat heavy tracks in the European scene. In fact, his single "Love Generation" was the official anthem of the World Cup--even if his fellow Frenchman Zidane really didn't take Sinclar's musical theme to heart. Heck, you'd think that after all that Sinclar would be taking it easy, but this traveling deck commander with the relentless vinyl arsenal is hitting his own tour circuit in support of his new album Western Dream. Tonight's show at the Bill Graham Civ is Sinclar's only California session. The City's hottest local DJ, DJ Donovan will do the honors of opening up and getting the booty's primed before Sinclar takes over.

crucial crue
Sat. Sep. 16, 9:30pm
King's Head Pub
201 Orchard City Dr., Campbell
Usual Cover

Crucial Crue

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL: If you thought you had to go to Shoreline or the Pavilion to catch those iconoclastic '80s hard drinking rockers Motley Crue, you'd be completely wrong and besides they're getting a little old to tour. But, for less than the cost of a fifth of Jack, you can blaze on in to the King's Head Pub and witness the rock spectacle your older sibling warned you about. Crucial Crue is one of the best tribute bands we've ever seen and their likeness to the original skirt chasing, hard boozing, drug addled rockstars is completely uncanny. Practice your devil horn finger salute and prepare for a Theater of Pain.

mark farina
Sat. Sep. 16, 8pm
Ruby Skye
420 Mason St., San Francisco

Mark Farina

BEAT SESSIONS: As San Francisco as Nob Hill and Fisherman's Wharf, Mark Farina has had an integral part in building the San Francisco house scene. Mixing down tempo chill tunes with jazz, acid jazz, hip-hop and vocal oriented disco tracks, Farina knows how to get bodies moving on the dance floor. Recently voted as one of the top 20 DJs in the world, Farina is firmly entrenched in that exclusive globetrotting DJ camp laying down deep house tracks for the masses.

wiggle wagons
Sat. Sep. 16, 9pm
Quarter Note
1214 Apollo Way, Sunnyvale

Wiggle Wagons

TEN GALLON METAL: San Jo country shredders, the Wiggle Wagons steer their four-strong convoy into the Quarter Note for a boozy night full of tales of hardship, loss, life and sleuthing about who squirreled the last beer. Pulling together blazing metal riffs with down home country twang, the Wiggle Wagons run down cow-punk riffs that'll make any listener raise their Bud and belt out a mighty yeehaw. The Roaring 20's open up.

the lost party
Sun. Sep. 17, 2pm
Smoke Tiki Lounge
152 Post St., San Jose

The Lost Party

HOUSE IN THE TROPICS: The Lost party returns to Downtown San Jo's Smoke Tiki Lounge for an all day island flavored house party. Lance DeSardi will take a spin on the tables backed by resident Lost DJs Rick Preston, M3 and Mike Slim. While the Smoke crew will dish out their usual barrage of mind-bending tropical cocktails, you can get your solid house beat groove on, kicking it on the best patio in town.

the queers
Sun. Sep. 17, 8:30pm
Café du Nord
2170 Market St., San Francisco

The Queers & Groovie Ghoulies

TRIP DOWN PUNK LANE: Recently we promised you a more focused dissertation on the roots of punk and why the bands that attempt to pass themselves off as punk today can't hold a candle to the pioneers, but this is a contemporary account of weekly happenings and not a punk history lesson. Sufficed to say, The Queers are firmly in the originator camp--heck, the words New Hampshire and punk would never have been uttered in the same decade without 'em. And, sure, they've caught flack for the name but--and remember this kids--that's what punk's all about...well, that, playing fast 'n loud, sportin' low top Chucks and flippin' the bird. Sacto necro-punks the Groovie Ghoulies open.

Sun. Sep. 17, Noon
Sharon Meadows
Golden Gate Park,
San Francisco

Alice FM's Now and Zen

STILL ROAMING: Venerable alt-rockers the B-52's headline this year's Now and Zen concert on GG Park's green rolling glen presented by Alice FM. You'd think that fronting wild alternative rock dance parties for over 25 years would wear these guys down a little, but time can't catch up with the crew from Athens, GA. The Now and Zen concert also features the dynamic duo of Gnarls Barkley with Augustana, Blue October and Carbon Leaf rounding out the bill.

Sun. Sep. 17, 7pm
The Attic
931 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz


THE REDD FOXX OF RAP: It's not the rampant filthy mouth or the sex-crazed songs that defined Blowfly's personality and equally porned out and profane band so much as his sheer and total unpredictability. While dirty rapping disciples of the originator such as Ol' Dirty Bastard and 2 Live Crew ultimately pinpoint their targets and strike with malicious, but directed intent, Blowfly's hilarious nastiness is an undiscriminating cluster bomb of ruthless obscenities directed at causing the most damage to an unsuspecting public's sensibilities. Plus, he's like in his sixties--so think of him like your boozed up, potty-mouthed grandpappy at Christmas.

Sun. Sep. 17, 8pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco


ROCK EN ESPANOL: Highly esteemed Mexican rockers Jaguares tear up the Fillmore tonight. These guys from Mexico City are one of the best crossover bands enjoying remarkable commercial success in both Mexico and the U.S., selling out stadiums across the land. Jaguares, along with fellow Mexican rockers Mana, kick started the Mexican rock revolution and paved the way for other Latin superstars to make the leap to into the target rich American market.

ani difranco
Mon. Sep. 18, 7:30pm
Mountain Winery
14831 Pierce Rd., Saratoga

Ani DiFranco

RIGHTEOUS BABE: Ani DiFranco bridges the gap between poet and musician, between spoken word and melodious guitar riffs. The apparent scion of such folk legends as Joan Baez and Bob Dylan sifted liberally through the acerbic seas of angst-ridden punk rock, Ani Difranco is just as comfortable musing on the elating heights of new found love as she is angrily relating the eventual demise thereof in patented folk-punk hardcore style. Sometimes uplifting, other times depressing, the New York native and founder of indie label Righteous Babe Records, DiFranco can, in one set, be conveying human truths or socio-political causes and then seamlessly transition into the truest embodiment of the old "hell hath no fury..." sentiment.

human league
Tue. Sep. 19, 8pm
Red Devil Lounge
1695 Polk St., San Francisco

Human League

NEW WAVE TIDES: The first international superstars of syth pop and new wave, the Human League play an exclusive show at the hip Red Devil Lounge tonight. Their early '80s singles "Boys and Girls" and "Don't You Want Me" virtually revolutionized pop music and sent the Human League screaming to the top of the charts in the U.S. and the U.K. inspiring a whole generation of youth to dress in all black and sport floppy banged hairdos years before goth was ever a fashion trend. New wave and syth got supplanted in the '90s, but thanks to the neo-mod emo movement, the detached sound of the Human League is once again en vogue for the next gen of dance club freaks.

white album ensemble

metroactivecoming up
sf love parade afterparty
Sat. Sep. 23, 9pm
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
99 Grove St., San Francisco

2nd Annual SF Lovefest Parade After Party

DAY OF THE DJ: San Francisco Lovefest Weekend is coming soon and once again the beat heads at Spundae, ESDJco and Skills are hosting the official After Party at the Bill Graham Civic kicking from 9pm to 4am. Of course, the largest outdoor dance party and parade in the Bay Area will rock again, but don't wear yourself out because the turntable scientists and beat philosophers manning the decks at the After Party is a veritable who's who list of the trance, house and jungle sets. Paul Oakenfold headlines the trance room, with Junkie XL, Christopher Lawrence and others. DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, Donald Glaude and the hottest chick to put a needle to a record, DJ Rap drop the deep and funky tracks in the house room, while pulling double duty in the jungle room with a special drum and bass set. The jungle room also features MC Audio Angel, Aphrodite, DJ Fresh and a host of others firmly committed to bass heavy rhythms.

the crystal method
Fri. Sep. 29, 9pm
Ruby Skye
420 Mason St., San Francisco

The Crystal Method

RAVERS RETURN: A force in the LA underground dance scene, The Crystal Method are still pumping out the rave inspired tracks that cemented the duo as America's answer to the Chemical Brothers. After the waning of the LA rave scene that was hampered by overbearing police pressure, completely out of style random violence and a price hike in MDMA, The Crystal Method did what any self-respecting techno, big beat, dance party directors would do--took the show on the road. Ruby Skye presents them in their natural habitat, a late-night, four-hour set.

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