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Volume 1, Number 23 - October 11, 2006 - San Jose, CA

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Friday the 13th is this weekend, but don't let a lame movie keep you from...

Otto, 880 South, Fashion Shows, Kung Fu Vampire & A Free Pass


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editorial pick
the rivals
Wed. Oct. 11, 9:30pm
VooDoo Lounge
14 S. Second St., San Jose

The Rivals

BACK TO FINISH WHAT THEY STARTED: Hardcore punkers from the great garlic fields of Gilroy, the Rivals scream into the VooDoo Lounge tonight to unleash their awesome sonic assault on Downtown. The Rivals are really what modern punk should be--we still have an affinity for the heydays before corporate America found out they could make money off of punk's inherent anarchist attitude and wholly subversive nature--loud, fast and hard with a working-class everyman vision of us against the system. It's hard to find bands today, in a musical scene awash in emo and pop, that embody the foundations of true punk, but the Rivals with their rousing F-you to the powers that be more than fit the hardcore bill. Local amp junkies Hostility and Something for the Broken complete the lineup.

metroactive clubs newsletter
the pogues
Wed. Oct. 11, 8pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco

The Pogues

KISS MY ARSE: Basically the founders of Celtic punk and the forefathers for all the Irish fusion/ska/punk bands to follow, the legendary Pogues are hitting their first U.S. concert dates in nearly 15 years. Founded in King's Cross London in 1982, The Pogues would soon be known for their politically tinged lyrics and punk charged sets using traditional Irish instruments and, eventually, electric subs. Rumors of a Pogues reunion have been floated for years along with intense rumors of new studio work, but all involved flatly say those rumors are false, but, with the intense followings of such musical scions as the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly, some new studio cuts for the originators can't be far behind. This is the second to last in a string of four shows and considering the average time between tours is 15 years, yeah, well, enough said.

insane clown posse
Wed. Oct. 11, 8:30pm
769 N. Mathilda Ave., Sunnyvale

Insane Clown Posse

GAG ORDER: Rap/ rock novelty act Insane Clown Posse set up the dark carnival big top at Barcelona tonight for the Nor-Cal stop of their Hallowicked Tour and, for these two Gacy wannabes, evidentially the novelty of playing dress up and orchestrating Gyro style stage shows still holds precedence over playing music. In the '90s, however, the theatrics, the chainsaws, the "ballads" about mass murder, the fire, necro-misogyny and the more than obscene lyrics scored ICP a roving recording contract as they shuffled back and forth between major labels while finally settling on their own indie to get the job done. Longtime fans might be a bit shocked to learn that at the end of the ICP's imaginary mythos--one littered with murder, mayhem and signs of the apocalypse--that they've reportedly been rocking one love/ get to heaven tip.

karaoke championships
Wed. Oct. 11, 9:30pm
Mountain Charley's
15 N. Santa Cruz Ave.,
Los Gatos
Usual Cover

World Championship of Karaoke

BELT IT OUT FOR MONEY: Local shower crooners and bathroom divas pay attention. Mountain Charley's in the tony digs of Los Gatos is hosting a weekly karaoke contest where the winners make a quick Benjamin and get to move on to the finals and the losers return to the obscurity of the john...or wherever exactly it is that you perform the solos that no one hears. There's a $1000 grand prize for the top singer of other people's works (being held on November 29) and the contests runs every Wednesday until November 15. Extra points are awarded to big William Hung style hacks.

Wed. Oct. 11, 8pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco
$29.50 - $38.50


ART METAL WARRIORS: Queensryche made a huge name for themselves by breaking away from the hair-metal dominated '80s scene instead focusing their style to draw from '70s prog and art rock, but revamping in through the hard filter of metal. Their Operation: Mindcrime album hit in 1988 with the metal ballad "Silent Lucidity" blazing the way for the name Queensryche to be household among haircut challenged teens. However, like so many other bands and musical styles at the time, the emergence of grunge blew apart Queensryche's young empire like a stack of rotten Lincoln Logs. Queensryche didn't stop touring or recording and earlier this year released Operation: Mindcrime II, the much anticipated follow up to their gloried art metal smash.

Wed. Oct. 11, 7pm
65 Post St., San Jose
Donations Accepted

Arts and Fashion Show Charity Auction for AIDS Coalition

FOR A CURE: Splash is hosting an impressive arts and charity auction on October 11 with all proceeds benefiting the Silicon Valley AIDS Coalition and sponsoring people in the 2006 Walk for AIDS on Sunday October 15. The featured artist at this important event is Gustavo Venegas--whose deconstructionist canvases rip to the heart of modern religion and society. About a dozen other local artists will be showcasing their work backed by the slick turntable stylings of DJ Vinyl and DJ Entreat. The AIDS Coalition has been doing some of the most important work in the Bay Area for years; cruise on down to Splash to show your support.

table for six
election movie
Thu. Oct. 12, Dusk
St. James Park
First & St. James Sts., San Jose

Election @ Cinema St. James

OCTOBER SUPRISES: Election, a darkly witty comedy about political backstabbing, sex, betrayal, degradation and personal demons runs at Cinema St. James tonight and all power hungry highschoolers should be in attendance and taking notes. Election stars Matthew "Ferris" Broderick as the teacher that organizes the scholastic government races and genuinely abhors the insane overly perky and ruthless incumbent Reese Witherspoon, so begins plotting for her political demise. Broderick doesn't do usurped as well as usurper, but Reese is dead on as the smarmy, overachieving, ready to explode in a fit of conservative anal-retentive rage type.

Thu. Oct. 12, 8pm
First Billiards
420 S. First St., San Jose


HEAVIEST OF THE HEAVY: Kicking out a hard driving blend of punk-tinged metal, Otto sets up at First Billiards tonight for the start of their protracted West Coast tour sponsored by that wicked German sauce Jagermeister. Departing from the lengthy guitar solos and atonal screaming vocals of many other metal outfits, Otto throws down slick driving bass rhythms and blazing guitar riffs coalescing with Tony Cantu's high-energy vocal chops ripping you to the core, making your heart race and inducing those of lesser constitution to crack their skulls off the walls.

dresden dolls
Thu. Oct. 12, 8pm
Bimbo's 365 Club
1025 Columbus Ave.,
San Francisco

Dresden Dolls

NEW WAVE THEATRE: Blending Weimer Republic era German burlesque, alt pop rock with a healthy dash riot grrl punk, the Dresden Dolls hit the near perfect venue for their unusual stage show in Bimbo's tonight. Playing to a strong cult following in Boston, the Dresden Dolls remind us of the musical Cabaret done in new wave, washed over with some sci-fi psychedelic concoction and directed by David Lynch...if that's any help to those of you unfamiliar with them.

880 south
Thu. Oct. 12, 7pm
Smoke Tiki Lounge
152 Post St., San Jose

880 South

FUNK FIX: Smoke Tiki Lounge in Downtown San Jo is sticking with their deep island grooves and free concerts thing bringing back their musical match made in heaven tonight, 880 South. Catch the ska-reggae-funksters to keep your summer dreams alive even though the weather is changing and kick it chill tropical style--hey, you've scoped the patio palm heaters, right---with the drink slingers at Smoke doing their best to prepare your liver for the weekend.

kung fu vampire
Fri. Oct. 13, 9pm
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

Kung Fu Vampire

CREATURE OF THE NIGHT: Hip-hop, jazz, rap, goth, orchestral fusion may sound like we were just spewing out a laundry list of musical styles, but we're actually talking about Kung Fu Vampire, one of the most inspired bands to ever come out of the Bay Area scene. With an on stage presence 10-strong encompassing strings, a keyboardist, a visualist, guitar and beats, KFV drops street poignant lyrics over a beat heavy, but totally smooth and dark loungey sound that kicks like a Frankenstein amalgamation of Dino, Dizzy and Mos Def.

diabolique the vault
Fri. Oct. 13, 9pm
The Vault Ultra Lounge
81 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Diabolique @ The Vault

FASHION PLATE: The swanky Vault Ultra Lounge sets up the runway tonight for the Diabolique fashion show party. DJs Danny Brown and Jay Reese split the posh confines for soundtrack duties on the decks and you know the Vault crew will be rocking all your libation needs. Considering that this event is a fashion show--well and being held at the premiere Ultra Lounge in San Jo--laying down dress code specifications here would be the height of superfluity, just leave your new sweat suit at home.

zion-i and the grouch
Fri. Oct. 13, 10pm
Britannia Arms: Cupertino
1087 De Anza Blvd., Cupertino

Zion-I & The Grouch

HIP-HOP CALI STYLE: Long time collaborators Zion-I and The Grouch are back dropping rhymes and beats on Heroes in the City of Dope and this turn at The Brit will see that 15-track studio cut come to purchasable fruition. Professed beat scientist Amplive backs the Heroes with a slate of Bay Area hip-hop and rap all-stars lending sidekick support. When most other hip-hop groups produce one or two hot tracks, Zion-I, The Grouch and Amplive have put forth a full experimental rap/ hip-hop album that plays like a street opera with the banging sounds of Oaktown.

Fri. Oct. 13, 8:30pm
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., San Francisco


STRAIGHT BAY PUNKS: A Bay Area staple at punk shows in the '90s, Samiam always rocked in a the more hardcore vein and introspective lyrical bent than did hometown contemporary three-chord label darlings Green Day and built their fame on constantly touring the dirty club circuit. When Samiam abruptly called it quits around the turn of the Millennium, the yearly deluge of tour requests luckily forced them out of their quasi-hiatus soon and Samiam did what they've always done best; put out rad songs and hit the freakin' road. These indie punkers hit the City before doing the expected and head out across the Pond for a Euro run.

promiscuous taste ultra lounge
Fri. Oct. 13, 9pm
Taste Ultra Lounge
87 N. San Pedro St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Promiscuous @ Taste Ultra Lounge

FEELING FRISKY: DJs Pat Allen and Brotha Reese rock the turntables at Taste tonight for another installment of the Promiscuous party with their dance, hip-hop and old school cuts for the clubbing masses. Of course the Taste pouring crew will be on hand doling out the cocktails and, as always, the more than friendly Taste Girls will be keeping the party going.

method man
Fri. Oct. 13, 8pm
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz
$23 - $28

Method Man

BLUNT SCIENCE: Long time Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man makes a solo appearance at The Catalyst tonight for a stop on his 4:21: The Day After tour and you can bet that the California smoking laws won't be adhered to. The new cuts are Method Man's strongest solo work to date and has pushed the self-professed video game junkie back into the ranks of hip-hop's list of serious contenders. All y'all might want to refresh yourselves on the particulars of the Santa Cruz medicinal marijuana stipulations before heading over the hill.

table for six
wiggle wagons
Sat. Oct. 14, 3pm
Streetlight Records
980 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose

Wiggle Wagons

TEN GALLON METAL: San Jo country shredders, the Wiggle Wagons steer their four-strong convoy into Streetlight Records for a free show featuring their signature metal-punk meets Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard country tales of hardship, loss, life and sleuthing about who squirreled the last beer. Pulling together blazing metal riffs with down home country twang, the Wiggle Wagons run down cow-punk riffs that'll make any listener raise their Bud and belt out a mighty yeehaw...well, maybe for this performance, the yeehaw will suffice.

the muckruckers
Sat. Oct. 14, 9pm
Britannia Arms: Cupertino
1087 S. De Anza Blvd., Cupertino

The Muckruckers w/ Funk The Band

MILO GOES TO SAN JO: The Muckruckers spit out straight old school punk licks reminiscent of such stalwarts of the sound like The Clash, The Ramones with more than a tight blend of Nor-Cal legends Operation Ivy, so when these local skate punks plug in, prepare yourself for a journey back to the days of punk when all you needed was a guitar, some friends and attitude. Hitting with a twin fronted guitar attack led by frontman Nick Ugly and East Bay Zach with Ben Panic on bass, Micah T. Overdrive slapping the drums and Curt Tron rocking the freakin' Hammond organ, The Muckruckers kick out an indelible amped up punk rock sonic assault that's more than enough to roil the pit. San Jose ska-funk rockers Funk The Band, who've been spearheading the return of the local live music scene for years, plus sick alt punkers NVS round out the bill.

bliss fahrenheit
Sat. Oct. 14, 9pm
Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge
99 E. San Fernando St.,
San Jose
Usual Cover

Bliss @ Fahrenheit

ULTRA LOUNGE WITH A CAUSE: Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge is hosting the Bliss party, a benefit night for breast cancer awareness, tonight so your booty shaking and drinking can go to support a much better cause than just destroying your liver. Dawn of Sound will be rocking the turntables with a mash-up blend of dance, house, rock and hip-hop for this special event at Fahrenheit and you know the highly skilled drink slingers will certainly provide you with the liquid courage to cut loose.

Sat. Oct. 14, 9pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco

Animal Liberation Orchestra

SANTA BARBARA JAM: Animal Liberation Orchestra started out as friends in the music department at UCSB and grew into the funkified rolling jam band that is just as comfortable playing an outdoor festival or sold out venue as they are kicking it at a friend's BBQ. These guys have an undeniable California flavor blending surf style guitars, mellow acoustic grooves, and very danceable rhythms into a funky musical excursion. ALO leapt into the touring spotlight when Jack Johnson dragged them along on tour and the band hasn't stopped since. Don't think that ALO is a bunch of patchouli-scented slackers though, rather think of them as the improbable love child of Phish, Warren Zevon and Frank Zappa midwifed by the Cal surf culture.

club raw
Sat. Oct. 14, 9pm
Club Raw
418 S. Market St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Bounce @ Club Raw

AGING PROCESS: This 18 and over party made renewed history in San Jose a couple of weeks ago by giving the able to vote but unable to drink set a place to actually hang out in Downtown and thanks to the efforts of everyone involved across the board, Bounce has become a regular gig on Saturdays. An impressive slate of Bay Area spinners drop the tracks at Club Raw (behind Scores Sports Bar), so if you yearn for the club life, but are stuck downing soda; check your new hang out.

ziggy marley
Sun. Oct. 15, 8pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco

Ziggy Marley

CARRYING THE TORCH: Scion of the reggae throne vacated by the untimely death of his father, Ziggy Marley has never shied away from carrying on the Jamaican family tradition. Although he did score that one top ten hit "Tomorrow People," his recent works with his family band, the Melody Makers, has seen the reggae stylings get back to its roots. Usually you see Ziggy and the rest of the Marley clan dropping the island grooves at outdoor fests and the like; the direction the "one love" message is going to fly at roofed The Fillmore is anyone's guess.

johnny v's
Sun. Oct. 15, 9pm
Johnny V's
31 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Metal @ Johnny V's

REPENT BEFOREHAND: Johnny V's takes care of your end of the weekend musical fix by opening up the stage to a full slate of local amp junkies to plug in and make your sensitive ears bleed. This metal core slug-fest features Repaid in Blood, Lost in Apathy, Sledge, Shepard's Gate and Artillery Hell all with an axe to grind and one small stage to do it on. With a sick lineup like this, you'd better hit the pews in the morning just to be safe.

badly drawn boy
Mon. Oct. 16, 8pm
Great American Music Hall
859 O'Farrell St., San Francisco

Badly Drawn Boy

U.K. SLOUCH: Although Badly Drawn Boy presents himself as the nacroleptic poster child for slackers everywhere, his lengthy discography in his short time hitting the U.K. alt-rock pop scene has proven otherwise. BDB is a tireless singer/ songwriter and for his recent offering, Born in the U.K. relates tales of him growing up in England and the hole in his gut he feels whenever he leaves it. Sappy and soulful acoustic guitar driven indie pop; you betcha! But, it'll work better on your date than flowers from a bucket.

bob dylan
Mon. Oct. 16, 7:30pm
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
747 Howard, San Francisco

Bob Dylan

ROCK ICON: Where would the modern installation of modern rock and roll be without Bob Dylan? Well speculative questions such as that are certainly within our nature, let's just say that without the vagabond hobo guitar poet, rock would be at a very different state. Forty some odd years after '60s counter-culture anthems "Blowin' in the Wind" and "The Times They Are-a-Changin" defined the anti-war movement, Dylan is still recording his own brand of bluesy folk rock that never strayed. The road just seems to suit Dylan--his songs, his personality--evidenced by well over 40 years of touring; so if you want to see what all of your parents fuss is about over this traveling minstrel, hit the City.

Mon. Oct. 16, 8pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco


SYNTH-TOPIA: Experimental electro-pop outfit Ladytron bring their personalized synthesizers and monochromatic pseudo-military dress code to the Fillmore tonight for a journey into dance dystopia. Ladytron does break away from their electro brethren by interlacing guitars and drums, along with their trademark synthesizers, into their live shows much like their inspiration and new-wave synth pioneers the Human League and avoid just over-playing already cut samples which makes for a much more interesting show than just watching someone press a button.

johnny lang
Tue. Oct. 17, 7pm
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz
$25 - $29

Johnny Lang

BLUES KID: Even though Jonny Lang is only 24, he sounds as if he's been rocking that blues ax for far longer. A huge name in the world of blues and rock 'n roll, Jonny Lang took the music world by storm with his solo album and has played with blues legend B.B. King and aging rockers like the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. Once you get past the whole age thing and just listen, you'll totally get why this old soul with young shoulders headlines blues festivals across the world.

less than jake
Tue. Oct. 17, 8pm
333 11th St., San Francisco

Less Than Jake

PEZCORE: Ska punk from the swamps of Florida with a well-known affinity for Pez, Less Than Jake make a pit stop in the City tonight on their In With the Out Crowd tour. Like the good punkers they are, Less Than Jake have never steered away from self effacing humorous lyrics while spitting out tight guitar licks and bass lines with the signature ska accompaniments of a kick ass horn section and the more than occasional stage dive. Catch 22, The Loved Ones and Set Your Goals open up.

dashboard confessional
Tue. Oct. 17, 7:30pm
San Jose Civic Auditorium
135 W. San Carlos St.,
San Jose

Dashboard Confessional

GET OUT OF ANYTHING: Guys, if you're looking for the one show this week that'll score an infinite number of points with your female significant others; this is it. Girls...well, you all can use this show to your own advantage in the best ways you see fit. Dashboard Confessional--the acoustic/ electric guitar driven indie-emo outfit from Florida led by Chris Carrabba--hits Downtown tonight for what's sure to be a packed show full of the band's signature soulful tracks and tons of screaming fans singing along. This is the only Nor-Cal stop on the band's Dusk and Summer tour; so, guys, think really hard about when will you have another opportunity like this to wipe your screw up slate completely clean.

table for six

metroactivecoming up
pac collabo planet asia
Fri. Oct. 20, 7pm
Avalon Nightclub & Gallery
777 Lawrence Expwy.,
Santa Clara
$15 - $20

Planet Asia @ PAC Collabo

ART & RAP BLEND: The mix tape master MC and rising star rapper from Fresno, Planet Asia headlines the October installment of Pacific Arts Collective Collabo at the newly minted Avalon Nightclub and Gallery. Planet Asia just finished scoring his sophomore album The Medicine over the summer and this PAC show is going to be one of his first rips with the new material; check it. Other live music performances at this edition of Collabo include Balance, Compound 7, Jern Eye and Tanya Morgan with another amazing live art installation going up by about a dozen of the sickest artists in the Bay Area.

scare crawl
Sun. Oct. 29, 8:30pm
6 Different Bars
Downtown San Jose

4th Annual Scare Crawl

TRICKS & LIQUID TREATS: Six bars, six hours, cheap drinks, downtown San Jose bar crawling, costumes and an all around scary good time...what more needs to said about the 4th annual Halloween Scare Crawl? Well, just that All Howl's Eve is probably the second best drinking holiday of the year (if you can't figure out the first; go back to booze school), so why not spend it catching a buzz with a few hundred of your closest costumed friends?

--This week's newsletter by: RO, CF & AR


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