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Volume 1, Number 24 - October 18, 2006 - San Jose, CA

Health ads that say you need more sleep are wrong, because this weekend there's...

Xzibit, Whiskey Avengers, Bridge School & Laboratory Science


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planet asia
Fri. Oct. 20, 7pm
Avalon Nightclub & Gallery
777 Lawrence Expwy.,
Santa Clara
$15 - $20

Planet Asia @ PAC Collabo

ART & RAP BLEND: The mix tape master MC and rising star rapper from Fresno, Planet Asia headlines the October installment of Pacific Arts Collective Collabo at the newly minted Avalon Nightclub and Gallery. Planet Asia just finished scoring his sophomore album The Medicine over the summer and this PAC show is going to be one of his first rips with the new material; check it. Other live music performances at this edition of Collabo include Balance, Compound 7, Jern Eye and Tanya Morgan with another amazing live art installation going up by about a dozen of the sickest artists in the Bay Area.

metroactive clubs newsletter
Wed. Oct. 18, 8pm
VooDoo Lounge
14 S. Second St., San Jose


FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: Reggae bass drops and metal licks converge with S.A.D.F.I.S.H.--an acronym, taken from Darwin, that explains how humans are different from animals, besides the whole opposable thumb, tool using thing, through their ability to express emotion ( Sadness, Anger, Disgust, etc...get the idea?)--and these local boys put the full force of good old Chuck's theory into every set they deliver. The powerful quartet brings new meaning to that term when you see S.A.D.F.I.S.H. live cranking the amps and rocking out with a creative ease that gets the crowds on their feet. By hosting the Rivals last week and S.A.D.F.I.S.H. this week, it seems that VooDoo is throwing its hat far into the local live music ring.

movement @ cardiff
Wed. Aug 2, 9pm
Cardiff Lounge
260 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell
Usual Cover

Movement @ Cardiff Lounge

HUMP DAY FUNK: A crazy little thing has been going off on Wednesdays in Campbell and since we have a commitment to inform you about hip club nights and all that, take a ride by the Cardiff Lounge tonight. DJs Roger Moorehouse and Pete Avila have something to get ya'll movin' and shakin' right over hump day with a deeply grooved and infectious dance party vibe. And hey, after you hit the bourgeoning Campbell club scene, run by some of the best late night eats around: Taco Bravo.

san jose bar & grill
Wed., Oct. 18, 9pm
San Jose Bar & Grill
85 S. Second St., San Jose
No Cover

Trailer Park Bistro @ SJBG

BRING YOUR COUSIN: Feeling like you've been away from the trailer park too long? Missing that '74 Maverick that you left up on cinder blocks all those summers ago? Well, everyone's getting back to some white trash roots Wednesday's at San Jose Bar and Grill where a can of Hamms--arguably the most white trash of all the white trash brews--will only set you back a buck and the snacks available read like the menu at a West Virginia debutante ball. Don your best stained wife beater and let that beer gut hang.

Win Bridge School Benefit Tickets - Shoreline Amphitheater - Oct 28-29, 2006
close encounters
Thu. Oct. 19, Dusk
St. James Park
First & St. James Sts., San Jose

Close Encounters of the Third Kind @ Cinema St. James

IS ANYBODY OUT THERE: One of the best science fiction films ever made, and by Steven Spielberg no less back when both he and Lucas still respected the genre and their target audiences, Close Encounters of the Third Kind closes out the 2006 season of free cinema in St. James Park. Close Encounters completely revamped the alien meets earthling Sci-Fi movie by presenting the aliens in a positive, let us help the savage Luddite, sort of way instead of the let us blast you into oblivion or use you as symbiotic hosts for the propagation of our species sort of way that marked previous cinematic ventures into the xeno-unknown.

torched thurs. @ Smoke
Thu. Oct. 19, 10pm
Smoke Tiki Lounge
152 Post St., San Jose
No Cover

Torched Thursdays @ Smoke Tiki Lounge

DEEP ISLAND BUZZ: Autumn's upon us, but Smoke Tiki Lounge ain't closing its island vibe doors for winter. The Torched Thursday parties have been going off and if you can get through the door and out to the patio in this madhouse DJ throw down without using a few well-placed elbows consider yourself lucky. Seriously, Smoke's been packing them in since they launched and the Thursday party featuring DJ Dinero, drinking games and some cheap-ass drinks has been the place to be, come on out and get, torched.

Thu. Oct. 19, 8pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco

The Decemberists

ROSE CITY INDIE: The Decemberists meld progressive indie rock with more than folksy sounds and messages to create a unique style that is simultaneously both whimsical and balladry, songs that play more like a story rather than the angst filled introspection that hallmarks much of modern rock. Their music has gone through a continuous evolutionary process since The Decemberists broke onto the Portland scene back in '01 and their latest, The Crane Wife, was just released by Capitol so, the sound and not the label mark this quirky quintet as indie.

whiskey avengers
Thu. Oct. 19, 8pm
SoFA Lounge
372 S. First St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Whiskey Avengers

SKA & BOOZE CRUSADE: If your soul needs a little late week revival tonight, hit The Whiskey Avengers show at SoFA us, a little booze and some uplifting, riotous tunes from these local hip-hop, ska punkers and you'll be good as new and your liver will be more than prepared for an extended weekend. Hailing from all parts of the Bay and veterans of other bands, The Whiskey Avengers are a tight outfit that blends the old-school island stylings of roots reggae and Jamaican ska with the positive, but edgy attitude that just simply rocks.

cacti widders
Fri. Oct. 20, 9pm
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

Cacti Widders

GUITAR RUSTLERS: The raddest thing to come out of the Central Valley since the Visalia Oaks got a nod in Bull Durham and throwing blazing guitar licks faster than a sled ride down Mt. Whitney, the Cacti Widders are gonna make Downtown SJ hide the women, horses and booze when they ride into town on Friday night and tear up the stage at the Blank for an exclusive San Jose Tattoo Convention after-show. Cacti Widders always sell out and considering that they're going to be playing to a hardcore audience of tatted down screaming fans; we're gonna secure our boozing spaces at The Blank early. The Careless Hearts open up.

boyz II men
Fri. Oct. 20, 8pm
Campbell Heritage Theater
1 W. Campbell Ave., Campbell

Boyz II Men

ALL GROWN UP: Ahh, R&B super-groups; where have you all gone lately? Well, fear not fair citizenry because Boyz II Men--the arena killers of yesteryear--are back hitting the, uh, club circuit in promotion for their upcoming studio release, The Remedy. Even though Boyz II Men is now a trio (Michael McCary has left the group) and it's pretty fair to say that these guys might be more appropriately named Men II Middle-aged Men, they still flow with the same vocal harmonies that have always hallmarked their illustrious career.

detroit cobras
Fri. Oct. 20, 8:30pm
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., San Francisco

Detroit Cobras

STRAIGHT MOTOR CITY: What is it with bands from Detroit and their allegiance to garage style rock? Not that we're complaining because when the Detroit Cobras hit the stage, when Rachel Nagy belts out her first lyric and Mary Ramirez kicks one blazing riff from her guitar, the above question instantly becomes superfluous. The Detroit Cobras play that fast and loose old school, straight to the gut rock and roll that shoots first and asks questions later, the kind of energy and attitude that makes people crowd both the bar and the stage with equal zeal and abandon.

crucial crue
Fri. Oct. 20, 9:30pm
Britannia Arms: Downtown
173 W. Santa Clara St.,
San Jose
Usual Cover

Crucial Crue

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL: If you thought you had to go to Shoreline or the Pavilion to catch those iconoclastic '80s hard drinking rockers Motley Crue, you'd be completely wrong and besides they're getting a little old to tour. But, for less than the cost of a fifth of Jack, you can blaze on in to the Downtown Brit and witness the rock spectacle your older sibling warned you about. Crucial Crue is one of the best tribute bands we've ever seen and their likeness to the original skirt chasing, hard boozing, drug addled rockstars is completely uncanny. Practice your devil horn finger salute and prepare for a Theater of Pain.

flashback @ mission
Fri. Aug. 11, 10pm
Mission Ale House
97 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose
No Cover

Flashback Fridays @ Mission Ale House

THE DAYS BEFORE HYPHY: Thirsting for that retro DJ vibe rather than hearing "My Humps" six times a night at the club? Look no further than Mission Ale House who are bringing the Psycho Cells Crew in on Fridays to drop funk, rock, new wave and B-side beats from before the millennium. DJs Rich, As Is and Cutso man the triple threat vinyl attack with the Mission bartenders pouring up their usual potent slew of liver destroying cocktails.

Win Bridge School Benefit Tickets - Shoreline Amphitheater - Oct 28-29, 2006
neil young
Sat. Oct. 21, 4pm
Shoreline Amphitheatre
1 Amphitheatre Pkwy.,
Mountain View
$39.50 - $150

Bridge School Benefit

BIG NAME CHARITY ROCK: For 20 years now the Bridge School Benefit Concert has brought some of the biggest names in rock together on one stage for this important Bay Area charity and this year is no different. Bridge School Benefit Concert stalwarts Neil Young, Pearl Jam and the Dave Matthews Band will be at Shoreline for both the Saturday and Sunday shows (the Sunday show kicks off at 2pm) with Brian Wilson, Trent Reznor, the Foo Fighters and Death Cab for Cutie rocking it for you and the Bridge School kids.

slightly stoopid
Sat. Oct. 21, 7pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco

Slightly Stoopid w/ Pepper

SMOKE 2 JOINTS IN THE MORNING: Fusing acoustic rock and blues stylings with punk, reggae and hip-hop, So-Cal band Slightly Stoopid has been carrying on the nouveau-jam band movement started by the likes of Sublime and the LBDA. Dollars to doughnuts the crowd will have a goodly mix of glaze-eyed surfer types, flip-flops and brand new trucker hats. Opening up is Pepper, originally from Kona, Hawaii, but rocking the crowds with electric guitars instead on ukes, Pepper perfectly blends island rhythms with melodic alt-punk riffs to form a raw sound that rivals any other rock/ska/reggae outfit. Just be careful not to spill your brew while you're on the floor and be mindful of the draconian Cali smoking laws--the security guys don't take kindly to it and usually aren't in island mode.

taste ultra lounge
Sat. Oct. 21, 9pm
Taste Ultra Lounge
87 N. San Pedro St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Saturday School @ Taste

PLAID SKIRTS AND COCKTAILS: Some of the local scene's top DJs are taking you to school this Saturday at Taste Ultra Lounge's Saturday School party and, with a name like Dress Code Violation...well, you can let your fetish and fantasy imagination run wild. Pat Allen, DJ Big Boy and Brian Bass command the deck crew, spinning hip-hop, dance, old school and mash up tracks while the Taste girls (and hopefully the rest of ya'll) will be sporting their school girl best. Good little boys and girls that show up before the bell rings at 11pm avoid demerits by skirting the cover charge.

cut chemist
Sat. Oct. 21, 8:30pm
The Independent
628 Divisidaro St.,
San Francisco

Cut Chemist

THE SCIENCE OF BEATS: Cut Chemist is one of the premier solo and collaborative turntablists performing on the scene--a designation so awarded not just by the virtue of having his cut "The Audience is Listening Theme Song" featured on the most recent iPod nano commercial. Not only has Cut Chemist rocked it with Jurassic 5, but also with Latin funk troupe Ozomatli giving him street and club credentials few DJs can lay claim to. His first full-length solo album, The Audience's Listening, hits nearly every point on the musical scale laying down chunky, funky tracks with everything from bossa nova action to dub.

vault ultra lounge
Sat. Oct. 21, 9pm
The Vault Ultra Lounge
81 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Diva 1-Year Anniversary

ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET: The Diva party is back for their 1-year Anniversary party at The Vault Ultra Lounge and you won't want to miss this one. An impressive slate of top spinners will be manning the decks including DJ Echo from Power 106 in LA, with a special 2x4 set featuring Francisco Murguia and David Q blasting out the house, hip-hop, reggaeton and top 40 tracks with an exclusive session by DJ Nasty Nick in the back room.

Sat. Oct. 21, 9pm
333 11th St., San Francisco


PIMP MY CONCERT: Don't ask what West Side rapper heavyweight Xzibit is doing playing a venue that's traditionally reserved for sounds set firmly in the rock spectrum, just hit the show at Slim's tonight and see the king of outlandish car restoration shows in his natural onstage habitat. Xzibit made a name for himself by hitting turns in the studio and high profile appearances with Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre--and, of course, his ride with Cube in the lackluster XXX: State of the Union--this current solo tour fronts for his ambitious Full Circle album.

switchblade riot
Sun. Oct. 22, 9pm
52 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Switchblade Riot

DOWNTOWN RUMBLE: Oaktown psychobilly greasers Switchblade Riot rev the engines tonight at Toons and let's all hope the venue's stocked up on the PBR and Jack, 'cause you know how rockabilly punks get when they're not properly fed. Rolling with the standard three piece attack, Switchblade Riot kicks out that undeniable punk washed sound like few others, they're polished like a buzzsaw and ready to set fire to the stage, chug beers with the devil and blow your freakin' head off.

new found glory
Mon. Oct. 23, 7pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco

New Found Glory

THE NEXT WAVE: Punk poppers New Found Glory hit The Warfield tonight to play for the slightly subversive crowds. NFG, since hitting the Florida punk scene in '97 and landing a spot on the Warped Tour beginning in 2001, have built a strong following blending more sugary pop and emo influences with their hardcore thrash punk roots. They're currently hitting the tour circuit in support of their fifth full-length album Coming Home.

Tue. Oct. 24, 9:30pm
Tres Gringos
83 S. Second St., San Jose

NVS and Europa

SUBURBAN SUBVERSIVES: Alt-punk straight from the angst-ridden wastelands of Valley suburbia, NVS hit Tres Gringos tonight to kick a renewed San Jose live music scene in the ass. NVS play that witty, fast, irreverent and smart music that sticks in your head and refuses to leave like an aural squatter claiming eminent domain. The show tonight is a double bill of solid rock chops with driving San Jo rockers Europa sharing the stage. Europa has such a dynamic power and range of skill that it's still hard to believe there's only three of 'em when they plug in and the first chord slaps you upside the head. The other thing that sets this one-two local band throwdown firmly in the Ripley's Believe it or Not realm is that it's absolutely free--well, except for the celebratory booze you're likely to down.

Win Bridge School Benefit Tickets - Shoreline Amphitheater - Oct 28-29, 2006

metroactivecoming up
scare crawl
Sun. Oct. 29, 8:30pm
6 Different Bars
Downtown San Jose

4th Annual Scare Crawl

TRICKS & LIQUID TREATS: Six bars, six hours, cheap drinks, downtown San Jose bar crawling, costumes and an all around scary good time...what more needs to said about the 4th annual Halloween Scare Crawl? Well, just that All Howl's Eve is probably the second best drinking holiday of the year (if you can't figure out the first; go back to booze school), so why not spend it catching a buzz with a few hundred of your closest costumed friends?

keak da sneak
Tue. Oct. 31, 9:30pm
Club Barcelona
767 N. Mathilda Rd., Sunnyvale

Keak Da Sneak's Official Pimps & Hos Halloween Ball

THE "OFFICIAL" OFFICIAL: A lot of other Halloween parties try and stake their claim as the "official" pimps and hos balls, but this one is the real deal. Bay Area master of hyphy ceremonies, Keak Da Sneak hosts THE official Halloween pimps and hos ball tonight featuring two of the Bay Area's hottest DJs, Rick "The Dragon Style" Lee and J Espinosa with mic work by Hoodrat Miguel. Also throwing their skills into the turntable ring are DJs Mr. Roper, Old-E and D-Mixx. This is an all-ages party, but, of course, there's a separate fully stocked and rocking bar for the over 21 set.

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