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Volume 1, Number 26 - November 1, 2006 - San Jose, CA

A big weekend just passed but, sleep is overrated because this week you've got...

Joan Jett, Aerosmith, Pet Shop Boys, The Stones & Anime Surf


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editorial pick
lou reed
Tue. Nov. 7, 7:30pm
Fox Theatre
2215 Broadway, Redwood City
$35 - $45

Lou Reed

FEEDBACK LOOPS: Heck, what can be said about Lou Reed that hasn't already been stated in one form or another so we'll merely write that without Lou Reed, rock today would be very, very different. While not exactly being the first to use amplifier distortion as a controlled aspect of the electric guitar and not the first to belt out emotionally laced counterculture observations in deep vocals, Reed and his groundbreaking band in the '60s The Velvet Underground, has to rank right near the top as one of the most influential rock groups, singer/ songwriters and musical personalities in history. Reed is infinitely famous for never adhering to any one particular musical formula, hitting sounds, styles and subjects all over the aural map--sometimes busting, but always remaining, Lou Reed to the core and his hand can be seen in nearly every rock outfit today. As one colleague puts it, about the only person who's not copying Lou Reed these days is Lou Reed.

metroactive clubs newsletter
reel big fish
Wed. Nov. 1, 6:30pm
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz
$16 - $20

Reel Big Fish

SKETCH ARTISTS: Sometimes referred to in the not so vaunted spotlight of one hit wonders for the chart topping success of their '97 hit "Sell Out," Reel Big Fish hit The Catalyst tonight with a full repertoire of subsequent comedic ska infused releases and punked up horn laden covers ala Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. RBF recently left the confined musical shackles of a major label to release their projects independently allowing them more project freedom that has already yielded a live DVD/ CD combo set, 'cause when you're indie, you can put out whatever the F you want. Streetlight Manifesto, Suburban Legends and Westbound Train open.

Wed. Nov.1, 6pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco


WHERE THE EMO ENDS: A band that derives their name from one the world's most iconic and renowned writers can't be all bad, even if they do sail the current highly marketable, but musically blah, waters of the emocore (a debatable sub-genre combination of hardcore and emo) seas, Silverstein plays The Fillmore tonight. However, despite any reservations we may have about the emo/screamo/emocore genres in mainstream rock, this quintet from Ontario, Canada has been breaking up the charts and, in their nearly six years putting out music, have garnered a massive following. Fellow industry exploitable outfit, Aiden, opens.

karaoke championships
Wed. Nov. 1, 9:30pm
Mountain Charley's
15 N. Santa Cruz Ave.,
Los Gatos
Usual Cover

World Championship of Karaoke

BELT IT OUT FOR MONEY: Local shower crooners and bathroom divas pay attention. Mountain Charley's, in the tony digs of Los Gatos, is hosting a weekly karaoke contest where the winners make a quick Benjamin and get to move on to the finals and the losers return to the obscurity of the john...or wherever exactly it is that you perform the solos that no one hears. There's a $1000 grand prize for the top singer of other people's works (being held on November 29) and the contests runs every Wednesday until November 15. Extra points are awarded to big William Hung style hacks.

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Thu. Nov. 2, 10pm
The Caravan
98 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose


DIVE BAR POETS: You probably wouldn't want your mother to know that you spend nights at The 'Van, chugging booze with San Jose's tatted down set and listening to skull crushing rock, but, then again, at this point, the less she knows about your nefarious activities, the better. That being said, definitely don't let it slip that you're hitting San Jose's best dive bar to catch true SJ gutter punks NME and their three-man strong, blazing punk rock sonic assault that starts with Skilj brothers ripping out the licks on electric strings then Ryan Roman pounding the skins and doesn't end until your brain is nothing more than a graying jellied mass blissfully sloshing around in your head.

Thu. Nov. 2, 7:30pm
Shoreline Amphitheatre
1 Amphitheatre Pkwy., Mountain View
$39.50 - $199.50

Aerosmith & Motley Crue

DOUBLE HAIR BILL: There are few bands that have gone through as much, put out so much music, done so many hard drugs and still sell albums faster than ice cubes in the desert than Aerosmith. The hard East Coast arena rockers of the '70s, drug addled junkies of the early '80s and resurgent superstars of the '90s rock the Shoreline Amphitheatre tonight with fellow hard rock and equally one time screwed up brethren Motley Crue for a trip back down rock and roll nostalgia lane driven by Aerosmith's raunchy blues riffs, dirty rhythms and Steven Tyler's big lipped swagger.

funk the band
Thu. Nov. 2, 8pm
Britannia Arms: Downtown
173 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose
No Cover

Funk The Band

SHARK FUNK SOUP: Ska funk rockers Funk The Band are giving back a little hometown love for those frenzied, frozen fishies that let the opponent's blood flow down at the HP Pavilion. FTB plays the Sharks after party at the Downtown Brit with a full night of onstage antics, booze and their signature high-energy sound that's sure to get your butt off the seat and onto the dance floor. These boys have been kickin' it together for years and FTB has never been tighter especially when they break into an impromptu hip-hop number or crank the amps for a blow your head off punk set. C'mon, you've got Sharks vs. Rangers and a free FTB show; if you can find a better deal, you have our permission to take it.

blue oyster cult
Thu. Nov. 2, 8pm
The Saddle Rack
42011 Boscell Rd., Fremont

Blue Oyster Cult

DON'T FEAR THE COWBELL: All right, so we don't know if this tour--and subsequently Blue Oyster Cult's renewed notoriety--is due in part to the SNL skit or appreciation for '70s arena rock or, perhaps, BOC preternaturally sensed that the world was in dire need of more cowbell. Well, whatever the reason, Blue Oyster Cult plays the Saddle Rack tonight, but certified gold record producer Bruce Dickinson, sadly, will not be in attendance. Actually, according to interviews with BOC, there has been a quasi cowbell cult that has sprang up and followed the band on tour because of the skit--hey, any publicity is good publicity and, fortunately for long time fans, BOC still rocks when it counts.

the whys
Fri. Nov. 3, 9pm
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

The Whys

SUSHI SURF: Straight from cherry-blossomed amp wired garages of Fukuoka, Japan to the shores of the West Coast, The Whys kick out blistering instrumental surf rock that burns with raw intensity. Two girls with a big guitar and bass slinking around in little grass skirts and a single guy pounding away on the skins, The Whys seem about as menacing as a laconic koi happily munching fish food flotsam, but actually rip like a skilled dragon riding the big guns at Maverick's while channeling buzzed sounds reminiscent of the garage/ surf rock heydays of Dick Dale and The Trashmen.

slave unit
Fri. Nov. 3, 9pm
Johnny V's
31 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose

Slave Unit

GOVERNED BY NONE: Electro-punk-industrial outfit Slave Unit takes the Johnny V's stage tonight combining the aforementioned musical styles into one tight, driving display of musicianship and technology. In the studio, Slave Unit consists of a singular entity and a crap-load of computers, but on stage Mike Welch gets some live help from Chris Gomes on bass and Shawn Brice on guitar with all three of them working percussion. The sound is aggressive, powerful and emotionally poignant with more than enough musical chops so that you feel the sound straight in your gut.

fahrenheit ultra lounge
Fri. Nov. 3, 9pm
Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge
99 E. San Fernando St.,
San Jose

Fusion Friday @ Fahrenheit

BLENDING DEGREES: DJ Big Bad Bruce mans the decks tonight at Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge spinning a mash up blend of dance, rock and hip-hop for the club masses. The bar crew will be kicking down the specials all night long to back up Triple-B's mastery of the turntables. Heck, if you show up early, Fahrenheit will still be serving their world-class menu so you can get some sustenance before shaking it on the dance floor.

Fri. Nov. 3, 10pm
1015 Folsom
1015 Folsom St., San Francisco

Alibi @ 1015

GOOD EXCUSES: House and trance fans have more than a reason to celebrate as the venerable club powerhouse, 1015, once again hosts Alibi tonight with 8 beat scientists dominating the newly rechristened decks until the wee hours of Saturday morning. Trance hits all night in the Red Room with DJs Shawn Yapa, James Williams, Turbine and Ismael Rodiriguez with house turntablists in the Blue Room (sort of reminds us of that old Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots game--ya know, one was red, the other blue and then you'd...oh, never mind) Spesh, Scott Carrelli, Dirty Duo and Jaime James. The last Alibi throw down at 1015 drew upwards of 500 bass heads, so if your planning on hitting this weekend dance party, you might want to think about heading up early.

blowfish sushi
Fri. Nov. 3, 9pm
Blowfish Sushi
355 Santana Row Ste. 1010, San Jose
No Cover

Groove Me @ Blowfish Sushi

HIPSTER HOUSE DIGS: We rarely plug stuff going on in Santana Row--well, probably because they really only have two bars that are allowed to stay open "normal" bar hours, the beautiful time frame where we earn our keep and not because we have no money to booze in them--but, if you're hitting swank-ville tonight, check out the DJs at Blowfish Sushi. DJ Mes and Felipe Avelar get the funky beats going before B-day boy Ernesto Cruz takes his spin on the Blowfish decks.

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Sat. Nov. 4, 6:30pm
The Cave
2165 Lucretia Ave., San Jose


FOLLOW THE INDIE ROAD: Ozma takes to the stage at the Cave this weekend on the heels of a tour with Drive Thru Records' HelloGoodbye. The Pasadena-based five-piece disbanded for a year and a half but reunited (and it feels so good) in early 2006, switching out longtime drummer Patrick Edwards for Kenn Shane, and headed out on tour with the also-reunited Rentals. Ozma often uses goofy metaphors in its lyrics, like comparing a doomed relationship to a baseball season's end ("You and I were members of the best team in baseball") or to a video game being over; and it works. Oft compared to former tour mates Nada Surf and Weezer, but with keyboards and the occasional flute, Ozma plays its heart out onstage, inducing dancing, singalongs and even some flashing of horns from its die-hard audiences. 5606, Everybody Else and the Picture Atlantic open.

taste ultra lounge
Sat. Nov. 4, 9pm
Taste Ultra Lounge
87 N. San Pedro St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Tasting Party @ Taste

LIQUID ASCENSION: Instead of shilling for some in the moment faddish liquor or pontificating on the subtleties of $12 a shot vodkas, the Tasting Party at Taste Ultra Lounge tonight showcases the best of their very own potable concoctions. DJs Second Nature and Big Boy will be supplying the tunes while the Taste crew serves up the pseudo-zen inspired cocktails that inspire both meditation and nirvana through the skillful inclusion of copious amounts of booze.

dub congress
Sat. Nov. 4, 8pm
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz

Dub Congress

REEF SPUN REGGAE: Perennially voted as one of Santa Cruz's best bands, Dub Congress--who hit on everything from straight dancehall and roots reggae to hip-hop influenced funk jams--play a hometown show at The Catalyst tonight. Melding originator sounds from the likes of Lee "Scratch" Perry and King Tubby with poignant, socially conscious lyrics, Dub Congress is so much more than a group of spliff burning white surfer dudes with some groove in their collective asses.

angels ultra lounge
Sat. Nov. 4, 10pm
Angels Ultra Lounge
400 S. First St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Red Curtain @ Angels

BEHIND CURTAIN #1: What could be more serendipitous than a nightclub that bills itself as an ultra lounge and cabaret throwing a burlesque themed party? Well, actually that was a rhetorical question, so we'll just give you the lowdown on Angel's Red Curtain Party tonight. DJs Komodo, Kleen, Sequence and 12 Style will be sharing time on the decks kicking out the bass heavy and dance friendly hip-hop, Top 40 and club beats with the drink slingers throwing down some specials and the Angel's go go dancers doing what go go dancers do best.

joan jett
Sat. Nov. 4, 8pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

QUEEN OF ROCK: If punk and every girl rocker have a godmother, Joan Jett is it. She exploded onto the scene in the late '70s with her all girl outfit The Runaways, formed her own record label in the early '80s, has a more than legit claim as a recording superstar, discovered and produced bands and records for years, hit Broadway, gained international acclaim and still finds the time to pick up her guitar and rock the hell out of any stage she comes across. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts--some 23 years after recording "I Love Rock 'N Roll"--just got off a summer stint headlining the Vans Warped Tour and keeps right on cruising the tour circuit for her latest release, Sinner, with the Eagles of Death Metal and Throw Rag in tow.

rise against
Sun. Nov. 5, 7pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco

Rise Against

CANNED REBELLION: Seriously, what is it with some good ole punk bands seeking commercial success these days? Are the basic tenets of the punk ideology dead? Rise Against once hit the dirty bar circuit as exemplifiers of the underground punk hero mentality with driving chords and pure raw energy, but--and perhaps herein lies the insidious catalyst for their change--after leaving the wholly non-conformist Fat Wreck Chords label for Geffen, Rise Against switched gears towards an accessible mainstream sound. But, instead of giving you a lengthy dissertation, as we are wont to do, we'll just say that Rise Against can still blow an amp or two on stage even though they're no longer hardcore.

rolling stones
Sun. Nov. 5, 6:45pm
McAfee Coliseum
7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland
$60 - $150

The Rolling Stones

ROCK 'N ROLL LAZERUS: This seems to be the week that aging rockers are hitting the Bay Area with Aerosmith and Motley Crue rolling through earlier, The Rolling Stones playing tonight and The Who lending their venerable chops in a few days--was there some free Viagra or handheld defibrillator giveaway that no one bothered to inform us about? Anyway, The Stones are, of course, rock powerhouses and it's everyone's obligation, merely through the fact of being alive, to see them in concert at least once. The Rolling Stones really do put on what can only be described as a rock spectacle and they're firmly planted in the rock annals of fame, but...and here's good drinking conversation...have you ever wondered how they keep going? Like; what the hell keeps Keith Richards alive; daily blood transfusions, a discreetly placed car battery? Or, how does Jagger keep from breaking a hip, is he really a cyborg? Or, how old is Charlie Watts and why does he look young compared to the others? Or--see, hours of fun and enjoyment.

nick lachey
Mon. Nov. 6, 7:30pm
San Jose Civic Auditorium
135 W. San Carlos St., San Jose
$32.50 - $39.50

Nick Lachey

SLIGHTLY SMARTER SINGLE: Divorce has been good for the former 98 Degrees crooner. Not only did the breakup give Nick Lachey a place of pain to write from, but being married to a popular, if vapid, pop princess has its publicity perks. Since the divorce upheaval, Lachey comes across as hurt, sensitive and strong, and eminently vulnerable falling just short of pitiful. Thing is though, if their reality turn on MTV was any indication of what Jessica Simpson is like in person, Lachey has lost nothing but a brain dead blonde--well...and his meal ticket. However, Lachey's latest album has been spewing out the Top 40 singles while Jessica's has sputtered mightily out of the gate...kinda makes you wonder who was the brains behind that operation; wait, don't answer that.

pet shop boys
Tue. Nov. 7, 8pm
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
99 Grove St., San Francisco
$39.50 - $95

Pet Shop Boys

THE LAST BAND OF DISCO: As electro-pop dance club mainstays, the Pet Shop Boys have ruled the disco lighted, beat heavy dance floors for well over 20 years producing perpetual hits here and in Europe. The longevity of the Pet Shop Boys has to be attributed to their ability to create dance music--what Neil Tennant still lovingly refers to as disco--with intelligent lyrics, Brit wit and a striking style that begs to be, but rarely is, copied even though artists from all shades of the musical spectrum quote PSB as an influence. They're currently touring in support of their latest release, Fundamental, and it's pretty safe to say that this show in The City will most likely push the Bill Graham Civ's capacity limits.

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metroactivecoming up
exene cervenka
Sat. Nov. 11, 9pm
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners

PUNK MATRIARCH: Exene Cervenka, former front woman of the quintessential LA punk band X, hits the Blank with her new project The Original Sinners. X--and subsequently punk maven Exene--formed while most of us were still in diapers and right from the get go harnessed a poetic gutter angst sound that was the perfect conduit for the band's wry and intelligent humor. While X never fully reached the notoriety they truly deserve, any combat boot shod punk worth their salt will tell you that without X and the chaotic beauty of Exene's vocal chops, the West Coast punk sound would probably sound like flowered hippie rock filtered through a cranked up amplifier.

pac cultural xposure
Fri. Nov. 10, 7pm
San Jose Museum of Art
110 S. Market St., San Jose

PAC presents: Cultural Xposure

SENSE EXPANSION: Pacific Arts Collective's Cultural Xposure is a phenomenal installment of cutting edge live music and mind bending art that invades the San Jose Museum of Art Friday, Nov. 10 for a expansive cultural experience like no other. Featured museum exhibitions include the amazing Family Legacies by Betye, Lezley and Alison Saar and the thought provoking Suburban Escape that depicts California sprawl like you haven't seen before. Live musical performances at this Cultural Xposure session include: alt hip-hopper Gina Rene of Soulstice, Bay Area rock-reggae outfit 880 South, roots reggae from Fortwentydaze and neo-soul artist Ayvee Verzonilla. Also, PAC will be showcasing their now signature mash-up of local artists doing live solo and collaborative installations including local inker Paco, character artists Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall with a slate of local artists going head to head in a quasi Iron Artist matchup. Background beats at Cultural Xposure provided by local fave DJs Chito, Aspect, Ant-1 and Tipp with the San Jose Slam Team lending some streetwise rhymes poetry style.

--This week's newsletter by: RO, CT, SP & AR


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