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Volume 1, Number 29 - November 22, 2006 - San Jose, CA

Talib Kweli, Prodigy, The Creepshow & Metal at the Morgue


big wednesday
Wed. Nov. 22, 6pm
Various Bars
Downtown San Jose

Black Wednesday

MID-WEEK PARTY: Ah, Big Wednesday (or Black Wednesday as some are wont to call it), the evening before Thanksgiving, the celebration before the holiday is arguably the biggest drinking night of the year--it has to, by bar definition, sit behind St. Patrick's Day and New Years, but might be better for pure boozing factor than Halloween. So here ya go, a short-list partying guide for Black Wednesday; if you want to crawl it...more power to ya and happy pre-turkey day drinking:

The Blank Club: The '80s New Wave and indie dance party Atomic makes a Wednesday appearance with DJ Basura manning the decks and throwing down the soundtracks to nearly every '80s teen movie.
Mission Ale House: Mission has never shied away from providing one of the best holiday drinking venues to get completely sauced in; why should tonight be any different?
Smoke Tiki Lounge: Inside, outside, DJs, drinking, tropical patio, good looking bar staff, hopefully close to home.
Tres Gringos: About the same as above to the exponent of 10.
SoFA Lounge: If you're looking for some mellower reveling, acoustic guitarist Kaila D'Sa plays a CD release show starting at 8pm.
Vault Ultra Lounge: All these guys are veterans of the San Jose scene so you know they won't miss out on this night. There'll be drink specials, DJs and probably a bunch of people better looking than your regular drinking buddies.

For more picks, with greater detail, check below...

sik luv
Wed. Nov. 22, 10pm
The Caravan
98 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

Sik Luv

PRE-HOLIDAY HOOTENANNY: Can't get much better than celebrating the night before Thanksgiving at San Jose's venerable dive bar, The Caravan, with one of the hardest working rockabilly outfits on the scene, Sik Luv. Lone Wolf McCool on the Gretsch hollow body guitar and Nana slapping the big, pink upright bass belt out slicked up, straight Americana rockabilly tunes about relationships and hot rods while downing a beer and blowing the roof off any joint they rock.

fahrenheit ultra lounge
Wed. Nov 22, 9pm
Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge
99 E. San Fernando St.,
San Jose

Mash-ups & Gravy @ Fahrenheit

WHAT, NO STUFFING: So far as Black Wednesday parties go, this one at Fahrenheit should be a good one. DJs Francisco Murguia and Real Deal will be dropping the--in keeping with the thematic context--mash-ups, dance tracks and hip-hop beats all night long with the Fahrenheit drink slingers pulling their weight by offering up libation specials throughout the evening to get ya'll ready for a long day of languid feasting.

mates of state
Wed. Nov. 22, 9pm
Great American Music Hall
859 O'Farrell St., San Francisco

Mates of State

COUPLE ROCK: Indie rock with a definite twist, Mates of State don't let themselves get bogged down in the traditional guitar driven formula of rock n' roll opting instead for organs and other keys blended with drums played at punk rock volume. Husband and wife--Jason on the kit and Kori on the keys--both have an amazing vocal range that meld together in a distinct harmony that make you focus intently on the words delivered over their melodic sounds; definitely a rock duo that's totally worth seeing. Fellow alt-indie outfits Asobi Seksu and The Botticellis open.

angels ultra lounge
Wed. Nov. 22, 10pm
Angels Ultra Lounge
400 S. First St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Premiere @ Angels

DANCE CLUB CHARITY: Angels Ultra Lounge is doing it's Black Wednesday part both for charity and for the San Jo dance club party crowds with the Premiere party. Here's the deal, bring in at least three canned food items and gain free entry to Angels before 11pm. Once you're inside you can rock some $1 drink specials--also before 11pm. And, no matter what time you get there, DJs Komodo, Sequence and Chill Mode will be manning the decks and dropping, you see, it's a win, win, win proposition.

30 seconds to mars
Wed. Nov. 22, 7pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco

30 Seconds to Mars

ALT IN SPACE: The band that actor Jared Leto built--along with his brother Shannon on drums, Matt Wachter on bass and lead guitarist Tomo Milicevic--30 Seconds to Mars have recently supplanted other alt-rock, emo bands as the current MTV darlings. Subsequently, suckling at the teenage directing teat of MTV has landed 30 Seconds to Mars with their Welcome to the Universe Tour being backed by said corporate television giant, which really doesn't seem to discourage the droves and droves of adolescent fans cramming themselves like sardines into any venue 30 Seconds plays. Head Automatica, Cobra Starship, The Receiving End of Sirens and Rock Kills Kid open.

agenda lounge
Wed. Nov. 22, 10pm
Agenda Lounge
399 S. First St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Thanksgiving Eve Bash @ Agenda

THREE-TIERED THROWDOWN: The Agenda Lounge is going to be kicking down one huge party tonight with three levels going off featuring DJ El Clave pumping the usual Wednesday night Salsa in the upstairs lounge, DJ Brotha Reese rocking old-school and hip-hop on the main level and DJs Marc and Jimmy K kicking it in the Cellar. Also, you're going to be hit with mad drink specials and anything else you need to get your pre Thanksgiving partying on.

table for six
the creepshow
Thu. Nov. 23, 9pm
52 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose

The Creepshow

ESCAPE THE FAMILY: Kick-ass horrorbilly outfit ripped straight out of your parent's nightmares, The Creepshow set up at Toon's giving you more than an excuse to leave the family table early. The Creepshow lay down blazing riffs and the characteristic rapid-fire machine gun slap of the bass of awesome stomping psychobilly with a deranged lyrical bent that has made this raising hell loving quartet the biggest things to come out of Canada since hockey. If there's one show that you hit tonight in your quest to distance yourself from tryptophan and skulking relative lethargy, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one witnessing the full-bore rock of The Creepshow.

mission ale house
Thu. Nov. 23, 9pm
Mission Ale House
97 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose
No Cover

Turkey Day @ Mission Ale House

HOMEWARD BOUND: That's right, while other San Jo bars shut their doors on holidays, Mission Ale House always throws them wide open for the local drinking public. And, it really doesn't matter what's going on that night, what DJs are playing or who's slinging the drinks 'cause Mission has been providing a home to those that ain't got one for over 10 years and we're taking this opportunity to tell Dan D., Dan Mac and Mike, on Thanksgiving....uh, thanks. We know, the eloquence was somewhat lacking there, but it's the sentiment that counts.

temple bar and lounge
Thu. Nov. 23, 9pm
Temple Bar & Lounge
52 S. First St., San Jose
No Cover

Thanksgiving After Party @ Temple

THANKS FOR THE BEATS: Shoot down to the Temple Bar & Lounge if the urge hits you to dance off a few of the gleefully accumulated holiday pounds. DJ J-Biz lays down the tracks with nearly every other temple resident getting into the mix. The bartenders will be throwing down the drink specials if you didn't get your fill at dinner or--heaven forbid--don't imbibe the liquid ambrosia in front of the parents.

6 days to nowhere
Fri. Nov. 24, 10pm
The Caravan
98 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

6 Days to Nowhere

SONIC HEAVIES: 6 Days to Nowhere hits that certain edge between hard alternative rock and metal. The guitars are melodic instead of screaming, the bass drives the tone with the pounding skins mimicking the beating heart and then you get a shot to the head from when vocalist Brendan McCarthy goes from low, but lilting harmony to an electrifying burst of controlled lyrical aggression and 6 Days straight rips right through you. Guitarist Adam Missimore and drummer Alex Gomez tried for three years to form a working band before all four musicians, with the addition of bassist A.J. Davenport, coalesced as 6 Days to Nowhere and when you hear their purity of hard driving sound, the tenacity has paid off in kind.

the devil makes three
Fri. Nov. 24, 8pm
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz

Devil Makes Three

FOLK-PUNK PICKIN': Hitting styles from country, bluegrass and folk blended with rock and the punk attitude, The Devil Makes Three pull their souped up covered wagon into their hometown digs at The Catalyst for some finger pickin' odes to the liquor muse, Jack Daniels. The Devil Makes Three--Pete Bernhard on guitar, Lucia Turino on stand-up bass and Cooper McBean on guitar--straddle a line that makes their sound, style and substance unique and wholly listenable for fans entrenched in any music scene.

wiggle wagons
Fri. Nov. 24, 9pm
Johnny V's
31 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose

Wiggle Wagons

TEN-GALLON METAL: San Jo country shredders, the Wiggle Wagons steer their four-strong convoy into Johnny V's for a boozy night full of tales of hardship, loss, life and sleuthing about who squirreled the last beer. Pulling together blazing metal riffs with down home country twang, the Wiggle Wagons run down cow-punk licks that'll make any listener raise their Bud and belt out a mighty yeehaw to soulful Southern pride. The Roaring 20's and My Monster get things rolling before the twangy thrash of the Wiggle Wagons rip up the stage.

the prodigy
Fri. Nov. 24, 9pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco

The Prodigy

DANCE FLOOR PUNK: The Prodigy is one of the more difficult bands to classify because their evolution has taken them from pure techno rave to industrial to kiddie rave to alt-rock with punk tinged lyrics back to a more psychedelic rave, but, for anyone who's listened to "Smack My Bitch Up," or "Firestarter," or "Girls," or "Out of Space" knows that classifications are meaningless. Regardless of genre, Prodigy continues to break conventions and rock the f-ing hell out of any venue. This show comes at the tail end of their Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned tour.

taste ultra lounge
Fri. Nov. 24, 9pm
Taste Ultra Lounge
87 N. San Pedro St., San Jose
Usual Cover

Red Light District @ Taste

THE BEATS ROLL ON: The post-Thanksgiving edition of the Red Light District part at Taste Ultra Lounge kicks off with the big three taste residents Pat Allen, Roonie G and Brotha Reese laying down the beats so you can start working off those holiday pounds way before the requisite New Year's resolution is ever on the radar. Of course Taste will be throwing down some drink specials and the Taste girls will certainly be on hand giving you two more reasons to be thankful.

table for six
Sat. Nov. 25, 10pm
The Caravan
98 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose
No Cover

The Shitkickers

DIVE BAR TWANG: The Shltkickers are back and you all know that means loads of booze and rampant uncivilized behavior--but, heck, that's why we love 'em. These urban hillbillies always throw down a rocking hootenanny spitting out banjo licks and singing about drunken infidelity while shotgunning a can of Hamms and this special show at the 'Van is sure to be one of the more raucous in their ever-growing urban cow-punk legend.

my monster
Sat. Nov. 25, 9pm
Brookdale Lodge
11570 Highway 9, Brookdale

My Monster

INDIE IN THE HILLS: Playing the Brookdale Lodge a little late to take advantage of the old Halloween ghost aspect, but it really doesn't matter because no matter where or when My Monster sets up, you want to be in the audience. The twin guitar and vocal work of MC Shockey and Statis Kuo hit like a sonic freight train filled with years of indie flotsom that was, until harnessed by My Monster, searching for an aural home. Freak Monkey on the ever-driving bass and the flawless pounding of Joey Guthrie hitting the skins blends with MC and Statis to create a sound that evokes intense gut wrenching emotions and then kicks them square on.

the lemonheads
Sat. Nov. 25, 8:30pm
The Independent
628 Divisidaro St.,
San Francisco

The Lemonheads

RESURGENT POP: The Lemonheads cruise into The Independent tonight fresh off their latest release from their new home at Vagrant Records. For those of you that can't place The Lemonheads in the discography of your sonic memory, they hit it big in the mid '90s with hits "It's a Shame About Ray," "Into Your Arms" and a much un-needed remake of the Simon and Garfunkel classic "Mrs. Robinson" with lead singer Evan Dando adorning a slew of teen girl's bedroom walls. Imagine a nice montage of latent success, band rifts, drug use, solo projects, mainstream and mediocrity, and now in '06, The Lemonheads have reformed to unleash wasteful alt-pop on a new generation of girls with only paint to cover their walls.

talib kweli
Sat. Nov. 25, 8pm
The Fillmore
1805 Geary, San Francisco

Talib Kweli

NEVER SELL OUT: A force in the underground hip-hop scene, Talib Kweli hits The Fillmore tonight. As part of Black Star along with Mos Def, the duo redefined modern hip-hop that had been overtaken by the gangsta style, returning it to a more socio-political bent. Although Talib Kweli hasn't yet reached the commercial success of his Black Star counterpart, his music is renowned for maintaining its underground status and not selling out to the highest bidder. His Blacksmith record label just released an acclaimed mix tape of earlier recordings and Kweli's new solo album should hit ears in early '07.

mike koglin
Sat. Nov. 25, 8pm
Intergalactic Eventz
830 Stewart Dr., Sunnyvale
641.985.5999 x.14850

Mike Koglin @ Mission: Euphoria

HOUSE FOR THE HOLIDAYS: The infamous Mike Koglin--who's been heading up the vaunted Ministry of Sound Radio out of London--headlines the Mission: Euphoria Thanksgiving charity canned food drive and rave tonight. Koglin's a leader in the world trance scene ripping out dance tracks on his newly minted Noys label for the strobe entranced masses. This massive 8pm to 4am party features two rooms with trance, house and break beats with world renowned DJs including Dyloot, Andy P, Lemonhead with a couple of turntable scientists throwing down head to head on the decks.

cannibal corpse
Sun. Nov. 26, 7pm
333 11th St., San Francisco

Cannibal Corpse

METAL AT THE MORGUE: All right, for those of you that are a tad unfamiliar with death metal, Cannibal Corpse would be the singular band to educate you. It's loud, brutal, viscous and gory with lyrics put to speed thrash riffs that span every Fangoria reader's wet dreams and the absolute nightmares of the PMRC. Cannibal Corpse has to be noted as the most successful, longest lasting and best-known death metal bands on the scene. They've been banned in more countries than any other, been the living, breathing focus of the explicit lyrics labeling and have made more words rhyme with eviscerate and cadaver than we care to count. Also, be fairly warned, their front isn't just fanciful artistic license.

alice in chains
Sun. Nov. 26, 7pm
The Warfield
982 Market St., San Francisco
$35 - $39.50

Alice in Chains

TIME WILL TELL: One of the most influential bands to come out of the Seattle grunge scene, Alice in Chains is back touring following a nearly three year hiatus after the death of Layne Staley, enlisting former Comes With the Fall lead vocalist William DuVall to take over the signing duties on their reunion tour. The fact that they have yet to record new material does nothing to diminish Alice in Chains' presence on stage when they kick into their now classic set list that made the band a household name in the '90s. One's gotta question, though, if DuVall can match the same hard but melancholy tones and presence of Staley that really made Alice in Chains what it was--and there's certain to be several rock blogs completely dedicated to that debate in the near future.

brilliant red lights
Mon. Nov. 27, 8pm
Bottom of the Hill
1233 17th St., San Francisco

Brilliant Red Lights

NEXT-GEN LITE-BRITE: Playing a technique heavy brand of pop-punk, Brilliant Red Lights--out of Sacramento--take modern subversive angst and package it into a near mathematical equation that's wholly distinct and separated from your everyday 3-chord junkies and modern screamo outfits. We suppose then, taking the above to heart, it'd be superfluous to say that BRL is an insanely tight 3-man band that has plenty of kick to walk with their heads held high in punk circles. The Actual, Stiletto Formal and Valley Arena share opening duties.

barenaked ladies
Tue. Nov. 28, 8pm
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
99 Grove St., San Francisco
$35 - $60

Barenaked Ladies

STUCK IN '92: Is it possible that Barenaked Ladies still maintain their sophomoric alt-rock humor after playing gigs since the alt-rock heyday turn of the early '90s? Well, the answer to that would mostly be yes. Sure BNL is a bit older, a bit wiser, but their trademark humorous banter between songs when they perform live and their alt-pop riffs remain the same. After spending years as record label lap dogs, Barenaked Ladies have returned to their indie roots by doing what all bands do eventually, creating their own label. The Nor-Cal stop on their Barenaked Ladies Are Me tour hits the Bill Graham tonight with Mike Doughty's Band opening.

table for six

metroactivecoming up
day one symphony
Sat. Dec. 2, 9pm
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave., San Jose

Day One Symphony

AURAL THERAPY: One of the most talented bands ever to come out of San Jose, Day One Symphony plays a triumphant homecoming show this fine December evening at The Blank. For those of you attuned to the local scene, you'll remember that DOS was involved in a devastating hit and run accident earlier this year that had a major impact on the band's career. This show sees a rejuvenated Day One Symphony--tight, melodic and ambient alt-rock experimentalists--hitting their hometown again for the first time and all of us involved in the local scene here in San Jo and the entire Bay Area are indebted.

all american rejects
Mon. Dec. 4, 6:30pm
San Jose State Event Center
290 S. Seventh St., San Jose

All American Rejects

THE FLAVOR LASTS: The All-American Rejects, one of the current pop-rock "it" bands make their way toward a show at the San Jose State Event Center Arena in early December near the tail end of their Tournado (get it, like a tornado) tour, blowing across the nation with several bubblegum punk bands and The All-American Rejects headlining. AAR is notorious for being a constant entity on MTV's Total Request Live count down as well as being in various MTV specials while their songs appear in a myriad of commercials. The most recent album from AAR, Move Along, was released in July 2005. Pulling opening duties for AAR on the Tournado Tour are Motion City Soundtrack, The Starting Line, The Format, Gym Class Heroes, and Boys Like Girls.

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