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Picks for the week of January 16-22, 2008

Thursday Jan. 17
Great American Music Hall
859 O'Farrell St
San Francisco

Dan Deacon

THERE are more than a few oddities surrounding the man and myth that is Dan Deacon, a chief member of the Baltimore electronic music scene. For instance, Deacon was once known to maintain a strict dieting regimen of chicken and cookies (though he eventually became a vegan). Strange eating habits aside, his importance to the electronica community is unquestionable. As a figurehead of the so-called "future shock" subgenre, Deacon's spastic electropop is turning heads and ears nationwide. Though some refuse to accept the quirky boop-boops and beep-beeps as legitimate musical artistry, Deacon himself has no problem thriving under accusations of ridiculousness.

Steel Pulse
Sunday Jan. 20
Mission City Coffee
2221 The Alameda
Santa Clara

Jennifer Scott and Kristen Strom

CANADIAN jazz pianist/vocalist Jennifer Scott recently teamed up with San Francisco saxophonist Kristen Strom; the result was the dynamic jazz collaboration, Crossing Borders. The album reflects the detailed arrangements and soulful melodies inherent to both performers, while a varying number of jazz styles exhibit broad musical depth. Strom's crisp tone complements Scott's piano playing and vocal parts with a gentle ease that is pleasantly accessible, yet intriguingly complex. To complete their quintet, Scott and Strom are joined by Scott Sorkin (Count Basie Orchestra), bassist Rene Worst (Chet Baker, Joe Pass) and Jason Lewis (Boz Scaggs, Kurt Elling).

Steel Pulse
Tuesday Jan. 22
JJ's Blues
3439 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara
408.243.6441 $5

Seth Walker

SETH WALKER is more than just a blues-revivalist. Though his 12-bar mastery is as bright as the vintage tone he conjures with a Gibson hollow-body electric, there's a lot more than standard blues progressions present on his new self-titled album. Along with the blues comes boogie, swing and down-to-earth rock & roll highlighted by Walker's vibrant singing and instrumental flair. Crisp and clean, smooth and delicious, the Texas blues man's attributes could describe a good beer—or the sound that will help him become an instant American classic.

Steel Pulse
Thursday Jan. 17
Little Fox
2209 Broadway
Redwood City

The Limeliters

THIS venerable folk institution should need little introduction, but for the uninitiated, a brief overview: formed nearly five decades ago, in 1959, the Limeliters became standard-bearers for the insurgent folk scene of the early '60s. There's been much turnover over the decades for the three-piece, and the current lineup does not boast any of the original members (bassist Lou Gottlieb passed away in 1996, and Alex Hassilev and Glenn Yarbrough are not involved in the band's current incarnation.) Still, the current lineup—Mack Bailey , Andy Corwin, and Gaylan Taylor—continue the Limeliters tradition with impressive chops and an emphasis on the crystal-clear vocal harmonies that made the original band a sensation all those years ago.

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