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Picks for the week of February March 5-11, 2008

Friday March 7
The Blank Club
44 S. Almaden Ave
San Jose

The Odd Numbers

WHAT'S really odd is that this local mod-rock band has been around long enough (18 years) for people to post things on their website like, "Your band are the soundtrack to my youth," referencing skate videos from the '90s in which their music appears. The style still carries the torch lit by the Who, though on their latest EP, High Alert, it's the Kinks they pay tribute to with a version of "Apeman." The Nowheres open the show with an evil blast of rock, blues and punk.

Steel Pulse
Thursday March 6
The Catalyst
1011 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz

Living Legends

Behold the power of the Internet: for hip-hop collective Living Legends, the World Wide Web was more than just a way to promote music—it was a means of establishing a network of support so vast and devout they would tour the world eight times in two years in an attempt to satisfy their fans' insatiable hunger. Of course, such dedication didn't come solely because of new technology; the Living Legends crew is one of the most talented group of MCs and DJs ever assembled. Individuals within the group, including MURS, the Grouch and Scarub, have mustered up successful solo careers, while the unit as a whole continues on its DIY rampage. The group tours in support of its latest album, The Gathering. Santa Cruz up-and-comers Rec League All-stars open.

Steel Pulse
Saturday March 8
Little Fox
500 Castro St
Redwood City

Blues Guitar Extravaganza

FANS of electric blues guitar aren't going to want to miss this meeting of three Bay Area powerhouse players: René Solis, Volker Strifler and Garth Webber will share the stage with Rene's band, Lucky 13, in a jam session that will cover all aspects of blues, funk, jazz and more blues. All onetime members of the locally popular Blue Rock'it band, Solis and company boast industry résumés as deep as the roots of American blues. After individual sets with Lucky 13, the boys will end the night together onstage and show the audience a thing or two about rocking the blues, Bay Area style.

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