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Picks for the week of February March 5-11, 2008

Thursday March 13
Johnny V's
31 E. Santa Clara St
San Jose

Guns Don't Argue

THE UNDERGROUND punk scene is as strong as ever, especially in the recesses of SoCal suburbia. Orange County power trio Guns Don't Argue has recently surfaced, formed from the wreckage of a number of extinct bands including Saving Grace and Sleeping With the Enemy. Once again, bassist/vocalist Zach Paul has hooked up with "Shakes" the drummer, whipped up a clever band-name and written a handful of songs using the classic punk four-chord progression. If bands like No Use for a Name and Rancid still hold sleeves in your CD case, you'll be right at home. Jonny Manak, Perfect Machines, Rivals and Sore Thumbs also perform.

Steel Pulse
Tuesday March 18
The Fillmore
1805 Geary,
San Francisco

The Boredoms

AT THE FOREFRONT of Japan's flourishing noise-rock community (yes, flourishing) is the Boredoms, a maniacal group of modern abstract artists who seem to love nothing more than creating some of most nonsensical (and least accessible) audio recordings known to man. Characterized by relentless cacophony and bizarre sonic overlaying, the Boredoms employ a barrage of unconventional instruments, many of which are far from the musical kind. Nevertheless, the erratic musings have managed to capture a wide audience of underground hipsters, which culminated in a Lollapalooza appearance in the mid-'90s. For those unfazed by a lack of coherent melody or structure, the Boredoms are a viable glimpse into the realm of insatiable weirdness.

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