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Picks for the week of February March April 2-8, 2008

Thursday April 3
Brookdale Lodge
11570 Hwy. 9

Secret Chiefs 3

ALLEGEDLY, Secret Chiefs 3 is the general name for seven different bands, all representing an arm of founder Trey Spruance's musical forays into the mystic realms of metaphysical philosophy and Middle Eastern time signatures. Spruance, who once played guitar for the experimental rock enterprise Mr. Bungle and rock band Faith No More, takes it upon himself to admonish the music world of generic melody and redundant instrumentation, focusing instead on a wide spectrum of largely unexplored sounds, textures and genres. Incorporating the haunting drones of traditional Middle Eastern folk music into an already bizarre arrangement of surf-rock and heavy metal, Secret Chiefs 3 reaches a territory that is almost impossibly avant-garde. Their new album, Xaphan: Book of Angels Volume 9, is yet another challenge aimed at shaking the very foundations of rock & roll, and in doing so, altering any preconceived notion one may hold of contemporary Western music.

Steel Pulse
Thursday April 3
Little Fox
2209 Broadway
Redwood City

Savoy Brown

SAVOY BROWN is a band with members that have aged while their music has not, but they're one of the earliest British blues bands that are still around and producing new music. Kim Simmonds, guitarist and lead singer and the only original member left in the band, with Gerry Sorrentino on bass and Mario Staiano on drums, performs classics such as "Tell Mama" and "It All Seems to Fit." The band is probably best known for its song "A Man Alone," which was featured in Kickboxer 2 , a beloved American classic.

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