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Picks for the week of June 18 - 24, 2008

Monday June 23
Rio Theatre
1205 Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz

Brandi Carlile

SINCE being placed on Rolling Stone's "Artists to Watch" list in 2005, Brandi Carlile has indeed been worthy of attention, having churned out three noteworthy albums in three years including 2007's The Story. The alt-pop songstress delivers a sophisticated blend of material that bridges gaps between country, folk, rock, and jazz. Her story lines are equally rich—a compelling feature given Carlile's age; she was only 23 when she released her major label debut. But experience isn't an issue for Carlile, who began performing at age 8; in fact, her artistic maturity is one trait that seems to bode well with the adult contemporary crowd—after all, they're the ones buying her albums.

Steel Pulse
Thursday June 19
Kuumbwa Jazz Center
320-2 Cedar St
Santa Cruz

Uptown Trio

THE FORMATION of a band can come under the most unexpected circumstances. Chance meetings in a neighborhood bar, answering an ad scrawled on a music shop message board. Not so with the Uptown Trio. On the contrary, bassist Jeff Picker, pianist Sam Reider and drummer Jake Goldbas were all chosen as the rhythm section for the Clifford Brown/Stan Getz Fellowship All-stars, a group made up top-rated 18-year-old jazz musicians. After a New York performance, Picker and Goldbas found themselves rooming together at the Manhattan School of Music, while Reider attended school a few blocks away at Columbia. The three picked up where they had left off with the All-Stars, officially forming as the Uptown Trio. Specializing in a smooth, stylish blend of contemporary jazz, the Trio weaves improvisation with set melodies, producing a wide-ranging sound well beyond their years. Joining the Uptown Trio are special guests Jesse Scheinin and Ben Rocks.

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