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Picks for the week of November 19 - 25, 2008

Friday Nov. 28
1011 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz

Andre Nickatina

DESPITE the fact that the gangsta rapper sells out the Catalyst in Santa Cruz almost every time he performs there (and he's there a lot), Andre Nickatina is still an underground phenomenon, and a quick listen to the scrappy production of the songs on his MySpace makes it clear that he's not especially interested in selling a lot of records, but may have conceivably sold truckloads of crack and coke throughout the years.

Steel Pulse
Friday Nov. 28
Little Fox
2209 Broadway
Redwood City

Hot for Teacher

AS this Van Halen cover band's name implies, Hot for Teacher gets its kicks with the "Diamond" David Lee Roth era—meaning, of course, that teased hair and leather pants are all part of the package, but so are classics like "Eruption," "Panama" and "Dance the Night Away." When you go, keep in mind that lead singer Randy Monroe is a middle school science teacher. It gives a whole new weird and twisted meaning to the song.

Friday Nov. 28
HP Pavilion
525 W. Santa Clara St.
San Jose

Vicente Fernandez

THE UNDISPUTED KING of traditional ranchera music makes the trip north to satisfy his American fan base, and there's no doubt Vincente Fernandez will get plenty of love in this corner of the world. The '60s icon has led a long and illustrious career that dates back to his days as "El Idolo de Mexico," which earned him comparisons to Frank Sinatra and even Elvis Presley. Surely the King would have recognized Fernandez's vocal talent and onstage flair—after all, it was enough to earn the ranchera legend a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a bundle of Grammy nominations and a Person of the Year Award from the Latin Recording Academy in 2002.

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