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Online Drives

Everyone can help shape the future of the Web

By Mimi Hill

FOLKS LIVING IN THE SANTA CRUZ AREA reside in one of the most wired counties per capita in the world. So if you've never been on the Web, run--don't walk--to a local computer store and get yourself online. If you are low on funds--or a skeptic--first check out free access at the Santa Cruz Public Library. The Web is not just a luxury anymore. It's a fun, fascinating, empowering communication tool, and you can easily have an active role in shaping its future.

Going Tourist
The Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitors Council has a Web page that covers all the basics for tourism in Santa Cruz County. This site is a must for those of you who have friends and relatives who will be visiting and are online. Find highlights and locations of beaches, parks and reserves. Also available are maps, accommodation options, a calendar of events, a dining guide, visitor attractions, general information and at least one version of the history of our county.

Road Warriors
Did you know that local bus schedules are now available online? You can track down all Santa Cruz Metro routes, print your own schedule and more. I wanted to find out how to get from Santa Cruz to Watsonville by bus in case I need to take public transportation to get to a concert at the lovely Henry J. Mello Center. I went to the listing of Metro routes and quickly found Route 71. I discovered that the bus runs from Santa Cruz every half-hour starting at 6:15am. However, this site could use a search engine--I wanted to enter a street name and have all buses that go to that street pop up. Right now, you can only find complete routes.

A Smell Time
Airs International Inc. of Aptos makes perfumed oil and incense, and its Web page is so alive that you can practically smell it. Order fragrances from Airs' page, get samples and a beautiful poster or just learn about fragrances while viewing delightful graphics. I appreciated the effort the company took to define terms that have to do with essential oils and the well-written exposé on the safety myth that natural raw materials are inherently safer than synthetic compounds. Amber Faith, Lawrence Cleenewerck and Francois Lespes--outstanding job!

Mimi Hill is the UCSC Systems and Resource Analyst for the Arts and a computer consultant. For her rates, email or write to 111 Union St., SC 95060. You also can check out the Web page for her upcoming book with Robert Anton Wilson.

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From the March 6-12, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz

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