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Best Write Ins

EVERYONE'S GOT an opinion--especially about our ballot, which never seems to include enough categories to keep the voting masses happy. We're not offering any of our nifty Goldies Certificates for Write-Ins (which are protest votes, after all), but maybe the joy of seeing their one-of-a-kind honoree in print will be enough for some.

Best Custom SurfBoard Designer

Johnny Rice

Best Children,s Clothing Store

Cotton Tales, 1201 Pacific Ave., SC, 429.1956

Best New Entertainment Venue

Rio Theatre, 1205 Soquel Ave., SC, 423.2000

Best MakeUp Artist

Shawn Cavlan

Best Place on the Central Coast to Contemplate the Dissolution of the Flesh

Pescadero Cemetery

Best Man Under an Umbrella

Robert Steffens

Best Road Repair Error

City of Santa Cruz reopening foot traffic under the Water Street bridge--they took away the pedestrian crosswalk before they opened the foot path underneath

Best place to Get into an Altercation

Surfing on a longboard at the first peak at Pleasure Point


Readers' Choice Awards

Best Food & Drink
Best Music & Nightlife
Best Goods & Services
Best Sports & Recreation
Best Arts
Best People & Places

Critics' Choice Awards

Jesse Davis: All the Shoes That Fit
Stuart Finch: Rock Balancing Act
Isabel Piekarski: Latin Dance Sensation
Juan Cuellar: Compassionate Warrior
Nate Brunskill: Film Fanatic
Warren Odell: Tour Guide to an Anomaly
Sarah Gerhardt: Woman Who Rides Mountains
Seema Weatherwax: Late-Blooming Photographer
Stephanie Smith: Student of the Sciences
Theo Paige: The Not.So.Mad Fiddler


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From the March 21-28, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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