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These Brave Days of Old

Hit the road, take to the air and get back to the future

By Mimi Hill

HOPE ABOARD MY VIRTUAL GOLDEN-AGE RACER, because we're off to catch a ride on a custom Wild Boar Motorcycle, fly at somewhat less than warp speed over to the West Coast Antique Fly-in and Airshow in Watsonville and drop in on SNACC, where the only thing that could slow one down is a fear of getting started.

Dream Team

Steve Williams and Randy Graham formed a partnership in 1995 to live out their dream of building custom motorcycles in Santa Cruz. They have been friends for 30 years, and both raced high-performance motorcycles, formula cars and speedboats before they began designing and crafting one-of-a-kind, show-quality motorcycles under the Wild Boar logo. The team uses only the finest quality parts, and each bike is uniquely optioned from the engines down to the powder-coated frames. Each motorcycle also is a custom-painted work by a local artist. Prices start at $28,000. You can get a detailed look at these magnificent motorcycles on Wild Boar Web page.

Touch Down

The West Coast Antique Fly-in and Airshow lands at the Watsonville Airport on Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25. The theme of this 33rd annual airshow is "Air Racing--Quest for Speed," and the flyers will focus on racing from the 1930s to 1990s. Check out the event's Web page for more information about daily events.

Teaching Tricks

The SeniorNet Affiliated Computer Center is an organization for local adults 55 years and older who are interested in learning more about computers. These folks believe that the best way to improve their computer skills is by helping each other. They teach classes on beginning computer skills, a variety of software programs and on-line services. Course offerings vary each six-week quarter depending upon the interests and availability of volunteer instructors. Most courses consist of a two-hour class each week, and the course fee ranges from $10 to $20. Five Macintoshes and five PCs are available to members on a sign-up basis. SNACC also has a scanner and color printers. Membership costs $25 annually, and scholarships are available.

Mimi Hill is the UCSC Systems and Resource Analyst for the Arts and a computer consultant. For her rates or further information, she can be reached via email or letter at: 111 Union St., SC 95060. Check out the Web page for her upcoming book with Robert Anton Wilson.

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From the April 24-30, 1997 issue of Metro Santa Cruz

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