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League of Their Own
Campbell--Campbell needs a few good women--15 to be exact. But according to longtime resident Theresa Spinler, they're hard to find.

For the past two years Spinler has been trying "frantically" to get Campbell women to join the League of Women Voters. She has left flyers everywhere, including the local library and coffee shops, but to no avail.

The league, a nonpartisan organization, works to inform citizens about political issues and candidates. With Campbell in the league, the community would have better access to information on local, state and national contests.

Pricey Pup
Los Gatos--Los Gatos couple Steve and Jeanne Lyon donated $20,000 to the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department for a second dog--otherwise known as a "canine unit"--to assist in general and drug detection searches and apprehension of criminals.

"We think it's great," LG-MSPD Capt. Alana Forrest said. "It's amazing that anyone would come in and give that much money to a police department for anything."

In addition to buying a dog, the department will spend the money on equipment, including leashes, collars, food and veterinary bills, training and a new patrol vehicle.

Peewee Playhouse
Sunnyvale--A close vote of the Saratoga Planning Commission will allow Greg and Evelyn Barrett to keep the 168-square-foot playhouse they built in their yard for their 3-year-old twin daughters.

The playhouse, set on cement blocks and made of plywood exceeded the city's height and setback requirements. As it was being built, adjacent neighbors brought the issue up with the city. The commission approved a use permit for the house, but mandated that the Barretts lower the roof to 8 feet and plant landscape screening for the neighbors.

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