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Campaign News
Cupertino--San Jose attorney Gary Wesley has his back up against the ballot. According to Wesley, the campaign for Measure B--the narrowly approved initiative that proposes to restore local creek and bay ecosystems for the next 15 years--failed to file its financial records with the Registrar six days before the election, as required.

In a letter to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, Wesley wrote: "it would have been useful for voters to have known that the contributors to the Yes on B campaign were mostly corporations and employees who could benefit personally from its passage ... Accordingly, I hereby complain about the untimeliness of the campaign statement filings."

School Dues
Saratoga--With an energy rate hike no longer a threat but a promise, Saratoga school and city officials have started thinking seriously about how to deal with increasing costs. The district, of course, expects to pay more for energy this year, and extra funds could be taken out of other budget items, such as the maintenance budget emergency fund.

"We'll have to conserve somewhere else so we can have enough money to pay for the utilities," said chief business official for the district, Ellen Tipton. "And next year we'll just have to include the increase in our budget process."

Phone Home?
Willow Glen--In this day and age of modems, DSL, fax machines and the Internet, Willow Glen residents are demanding more phone lines than ever--and more than PacBell anticipated. PacBell engineering manager Walt Biel said the company is in the midst of laying a new central cable. When completed in June or July, the cable should accommodate a minimum of 3,600 more phone lines in the area south of its downtown office. In the meantime, those without a primary line will have to wait ... until July.

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