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Triple Seven's Naughty Nite Out gains steam at the Usual

By Sarah Quelland

FOR THREE MONTHS NOW, Triple Seven has taken the initiative to throw a big fiesta at the Usual. Known as Triple Seven's Naughty Nite Out, the third installment of this increasingly popular night took place last Thursday (Jan. 18). Triple Seven performs at each show and has been pulling in bands that don't play this area very often. This time, they brought in Sacramento-based bands the Skirts and Daycare. The Skirts are an all-girl band from Sacramento that delivers perky pop music with punk-rock attitude. But unlike the Donnas, their style nods more toward the girl bands of the '80s than it does early glam and punk-rock bands. The band even did a cover of Ricky Martin's überhit "Livin' La Vida Loca." The only complaint I heard about the fun band was that they weren't actually wearing skirts--but personally, I approve of their skirting of the obvious gimmick. Triple Seven followed with its high-energy funk-rock, and the atmosphere in the club was that of a huge party. Apparently, George Clinton has expressed interest in Triple Seven and recently the band hung out with Clinton in their management office to discuss working together. While no official plans have been made, the San Jose band says there's a possibility that it will record with the master of funk.

Palo Alto rock band the Donnas just released their new album, The Donnas Turn 21, and will celebrate on Jan. 27 at the Fillmore in San Francisco with Bratmobile and the Plus Ones supporting. This sassy new recording displays plenty of poppy punk-rock attitude with songs titled "Do You Wanna Hit It?" "Midnight Snack," "Little Boy" and "Don't Get Me Busted." This album serves as fourth offering, with past albums including a self-titled release, American Teenage Rock & Roll Machine and the most recent, Get Skintight. The band has been featured in teen movies like Drive Me Crazy and Jawbreaker and contributed songs to several soundtracks, including adding "Rock & Roll Machine" to Jawbreaker's track list. ... Speaking of Jawbreaker, Marilyn Manson and his fiancée, Rose McGowan, who starred in the film (Manson had a brief cameo), have announced that after three years as a couple they are parting ways. In my recent review of Manson's too-perfect performance at the SJSU Event Center, I griped that it didn't seem like his heart was in it. In light of this recent news, there may have been a very good reason for that.

Monkey celebrates its five-year anniversary this Friday (Jan. 26) at the Los Gatos Outhouse located at 4 New York Ave. behind Los Gatos High School. The all-ages show also features the K.G.B., Sneaky Creekans, Corrosive 8, the Adjustments and the Muckrakers. ... On Feb. 8, Metro presents the West Coast premiere of Cuban salsa star Paulito FG y su Elite at the Bankers Club in downtown San Jose. Charanga Nueve will also perform. Tickets are $20 and available through Ticketweb or Streetlight Records.

Santa's Boyfriend canceled its Jan. 16 show at the Agenda Lounge. Apparently several members of the band fell ill. The group might reschedule, but no date has been announced yet. ... Agenda Lounge's successful five-year anniversary celebration last Friday (Jan. 19) packed the club and by 7:30pm, it couldn't let more people inside until others departed for the night. ... Agenda owner Jacek Rosicki has announced that his new club, the Icon (located where the Edge used to be in Palo Alto), will celebrate its grand opening on Feb. 8. ... Newly signed Maverick Records artist and popular South Bay band Insolence will perform with Insane Clown Posse on Feb. 21 at Maritime Hall in San Francisco. ... Snake River Conspiracy has been tapped to open for A Perfect Circle on Feb. 8 at the SJSU Event Center. ... Former Fuel bartender Jessica Kwalick will open for Willie Nelson at the Fillmore on Feb. 21-22.

PLAN AHEAD: Xiu Xiu and the Good Gins, Jan. 25 at Great Bear Coffee in Los Gatos; Sin in Space, Sloe, Pocket for Corduroy and Amory, Jan. 25 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz; the Shadow Cabinet and 13th Sky, Jan. 26 at Kimo's in San Francisco; Sixteen Horsepower, Jan. 26-27 at Johnny Foley's Cellar in San Francisco; Creeper Lagoon, Xiu Xiu, Ee and the Contrail, Jan. 27 at the Fishbowl in Sunnyvale; dredg, Floppy Rods, Divided and Zero Theory, Jan. 27 at the Cactus Club; Linkin Park and Taproot, Jan. 30 at the Fillmore; They Might Be Giants, Jan. 31 at the Fillmore.

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From the January 25-31, 2001 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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