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Oh, Big Brother
Campbell--Over the next few months, Campbell Police will be getting spanking-new versions of the video cameras currently mounted in the department's patrol cars.

Capt. Russell Patterson says the cameras have proved to be extremely useful. Take one example when a women tried to file a police complaint. The woman, who said an officer had dropped her off in a dark, remote location to make a phone call, was shown being dropped off at a well-lit shopping center. The woman subsequently dropped her complaint.

Los Gatos--Planning commissioners shot down a proposal to alter a previously approved project on North Santa Cruz Avenue, claiming it was out of character with the neighborhood. The potential tenant, Anthropologie, the swank New York-based home furnishing company, wanted more retail space and disliked the idea of residents living above the store. Commissioner Peggy Marcucci said, "So it would be very difficult for me to approve a project that's been dictated by some company in New York for the sole purpose of making more money."

Got the Power?
Willow Glen--More PG&E foibles. Wednesday's outage was a plus over at the Willows Senior Center on Lincoln Avenue. The noon outage came just after their nutrition program staff had finished cooking lunch, but the center had just started serving by then. Not so lucky, the day's popular Bingo game did have to be canceled, because without a microphone it can be difficult for the seniors in the crowded room to hear the letter-number combinations.

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