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Verdict With A Kick
Los Gatos--Former Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriff David Slavin, arrested in 1999 on charges of extortion and money laundering, was sentenced to five years in prison last week. Slavin's saga began in March 1998, when a report was filed against him by the owners of martial arts school Studio Kicks, charging that Slavin had threatened them with a samurai sword to collect money. "One of the things that he told a lot of people was that he was a Green Beret, had killed people, and was a sniper," said Los Gatos Detective Randy Bishop.

Pesticide Control
Saratoga--Saratoga is ahead of other Santa Clara County citiies when it comes to reducing the use of pesticides. The city, which hopes to eliminate their use on city-owned property, will signpost areas with the name and active ingredient of the pesticide. "We're going to provide signage prior to and after the use of pesticides, no matter what they are," the city's public works director, John Cherbone, said, adding that permanent signs are a possibility in areas where pesticides are used somewhat regularly. Cherbone, who wrote the city's policy, based it on San Francisco's--the only city he knew of that had a similar policy.

State of the City
San Jose--In his third State of the City address, Mayor Ron Gonzales proposed spending millions more for additional affordable housing and solutions to the gas and electricity shortage. Gonzales proposed adding $10 million more to the $240 million San Jose is already spending on housing for low-income families.

"I believe San Jose ... is a great city," he told the crowd of more than 1,000 people. "Not perfect, but with wonderful promise and great potential for becoming even better."

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