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Complex Issues
Saratoga--Burbscape is crushed to report that Nemat Maleksalehi, the businessman who offered to donate a community sports center to Saratoga, pleaded "guilty" and "no contest" to counts of welfare fraud, insurance fraud and felony grand theft on Jan. 31. Maleksalehi allegedly arranged for his mistress's mother and child to receive welfare benefits by lying about the child's true residence. Maleksalehi also stands accused of helping Iranian nationals get Section 8 housing subsidies from the county housing authority, then keeping the monthly checks for himself.

Cupertino--Now that Apple's recovered from its slump, the computer company wants to become a good corporate citizen again. And who should the company turn to for instruction but its old community relations manager, John Statton? It took Statton, now mayor of Cupertino, no time at all to brainstorm ways for Apple to help out around town, starting with taking part in local festivals and donating $250,000 to various community groups. The discussion comes at a time when Apple's grace period on replacing the oversized icons in its front yard is about to expire (public art installation was a provision of Apple's moving to De Anza Boulevard.

Linus Online
Palo Alto--The site of the institute where legendary scientist Linus Pauling did his Nobel Prize-winning research on vitamin C is getting another shot at fame--soon it will be home to North County's first residential development with high-speed fiber-optic Internet connections. Pauling successfully petitioned the City Council numerous times to prevent developers from demolishing his rented facilities near Oregon Expressway, a battle that ended upon his death in 1994 at age 93.

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