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Clean Sweep
Los Gatos--After pleading guilty to storing hazardous waste, now-Arizona resident Mel Price removed a school bus, fire truck, water truck, 24 other abandoned vehicles and containers of hazardous waste from his former property on Harvey Way. There was so little room to walk on Price's property that a visitor would have to step around and through things, according to Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Bud Porter.

"It was quite a contrast to the redwoods," Porter said.

Council Ups Pay
Saratoga--Saratoga City Council increased the salary ranges for all city employees, hoping to prevent an exodus from city jobs.

In the last six months, the city lost 14 regular employees--25 percent of its workforce--according to Mary Jo Walker, the city's administrative services director. Due to the number of resignations and the city's difficulty in filling vacant positions, the council decided to take some action.

According to a city authorized survey, the average monthly salary in the city of Saratoga is $4,897--the lowest of the eight neighboring cities.

Side Saddled
Willow Glen--The Saddle Rack came a two-step closer to demolition last week, when the city council approved rezoning to make way for residential development. The council quickly voted to change the zoning of the 6.22-acre site from manufacturing and commercial uses to a planned development that allows 233 condominiums.

Andy Buchanan, general manager of the Saddle Rack, said he thought they would be in operation until the end of this year or early 2002. He added that the country dance venue is looking for space to relocate somewhere in San Jose. Good luck.

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