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Harvest Horrors
America's stampede toward herbal pharmaceuticals has put a strain on wild plants and their habitats.

What? No Minks?
Saratoga--This is the glamorous life of a Saratoga-bred thief: you drive your bitchen minivan to the target house at 3am, leave it idling in the street and break in through the garage, grabbing all the cell phones and silverware you can. Because of your posh upbringing you know a fine wine when you see one, so you snatch that too. Then, if you're 18-year-old Matthew Hahn, the sheriffs bust you, search your house, and throw your scrawny ass in jail in connection with a rash of recent burglaries. You face 12 counts of burglary and four of grand theft and ingenuously plead not guilty at your March 2 arraignment. Then--who knows? Maybe it's time to start that novel or find a hobby. Painting license plates always looked fun.

Violation of Trust
Cupertino--A man posing as an envoy of the Cupertino Senior Center has called at least two local seniors asking if they need living trust services. The center sponsors no such program and adamantly denies ever giving out members' names and numbers. No one knows how many seniors the man has called or if any of them has fallen prey to the time-honored ruse, but the sheriff's office is warning seniors to be wary of telephone solicitors.

House Movers
Los Gatos--If the Los Gatos Museum Association has its way and sufficient means, a nearly 100-year-old building now sitting in the Santa Cruz Mountains will become a proper town dwelling. The distinctive Oriental Building, rumored to have been designed by Julia Morgan of Hearst Castle fame, will cost $750,000 to move and could wind up on a parcel at Winchester and Lark or in Vasona Park. Right now the museum association stands to receive $212,500 from the county Historic Heritage Commission, pending board of supes approval.

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