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A Helpful Inventory of
Diversions & Entertainments
to Further and Increase Mental and Spiritual Health

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"All Work and No Play Makes Johnny (or Sally) A Dull Boy (or Girl)."
Benjamin Franklin (and Anon.)

P eople in New York, Los Angeles and Taipei have heard about us here in Silicon Valley. As far as they're concerned, we are all workaholics. Yes, we live in the busiest, fastest-moving place on earth, where commuter lanes are clogged at 5am. Yes, we put in 12-hour workdays and conduct business calls in the supermarket on the way home.

However, because this valley also boasts the smartest population on earth (another well-known fact), it is also true that we know how to fit fun into our busy schedules.

Below, several creative answers to the question: Where do you want to go tomorrow?

SiliValley Inside/Out:
Urban Wilderness
Tee Time
Rock & Rollers

DIY Projects:
Your Show of Shows
Rock Concert Concepts

Quick Lit:
Hear a Good Book
Sitting Pretty

Day Clubbin':

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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