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[whitespace] People Who Will Come to Your House and Do Stuff

Got the killer job, nice bucks and no time of your own? Chores piling up almost as fast as the cash and bennies? Not to worry. There are garages that will pick up the Beamer, make it right and bring it back, and mobile mechanics who will fix ol' Sparkplug right there in your driveway. Have the cleaner pick up your drapes, suits and dresses. Let an errand service chauffeur the kids, walk the dogs, clean the house, shop for groceries and cook dinner. If you prefer your own cooking, have a mobile grinder come by to sharpen your knives.

But if you cut yourself too badly to make it to your doctor's office, call the paramedics. Five years ago, Metro compiled a list of doctors who still make house calls. We went through that list recently to see if any still see patients in the home. Responses ranged from amusement to hostility, though some said that in rare cases an exception might be made for a patient they had been seeing for a very, very, very long time. (One receptionist used the naughty-puppy voice--no no no no no!--before hanging up on us.)

Speaking of puppies, a dog's life has its advantages. About half the veterinarians we surveyed will make local house calls, and the ones that don't are at least nice about it. As with any convenience, expect to pay extra.

Once you've got a crew of people taking care of annoying little tasks, you'll have more time for a social life. And remember--if things go just right on that important date, breakfast in bed is only a phone call away.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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