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Solar Savers
Sunnyvale--A growing number of Sunnyvale residents have decided to take power--solar power, that is--into their own hands. Although people have traditionally viewed solar energy systems as an expensive commitment with no real payback, the current crisis has shed new light on the issue.

Mike Clifton, president of 27-year-old M C Solar Engineering, says his company has at least 10 times the amount of customers now as it did three or four months ago.

"People want to get them before summer," he says. "We're a little behind, but we're doing our best."

Campbell--In the spirit of volunteerism, Rep. Mike Honda has launched the National Education Technology Corps. The proposed nationwide program will recruit volunteers in the technology industry to bring their experience and expertise into classrooms and libraries.

"NET Corps is an excellent model for improving the capabilities of our schools because it creates incentives for the private sector to become more involved in education," said Honda. "We can build meaningful relationships between our schools and our businesses."

Date Rape
Los Gatos--Police are not ruling out the possible use of a "date rape" drug in the case of a Los Gatos man recently arrested for attempted rape on an unconscious female.

According to police records, Roger Thomas, 36, and the 25-year-old victim went for drinks at Mountain Charley's bar on North Santa Cruz Avenue on Feb. 23. The victim could not remember what happened after finishing her first drink, but woke up in Thomas's bed hours later; Thomas told her that they had had sex.

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