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Sunnyvale--Faced with ferocious competition from nonresidents for tee times at Sunnyvale's two municipal golf courses, local golfers have petitioned the City Council for scheduling advantages over their boundary-hopping counterparts. Sunnyvale golfers cite extreme hardship (one 82-year-old complainant wakes up at 3:45am in order to get in line by 4:30am so he can beat the crowds) and unfairness (who pays the taxes in Sunnyvale, anyway?). Sunnyvale councilmembers are exploring ways to give Sunnyvale golfers a jump-start on booking tee times.

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Los Gatos--The county may wish it had an empty nest free of unincorporated pockets, which are expensive to service, but it shouldn't plan for retirement anytime soon. Recently, five unincorporated pockets around Los Gatos rejected attempts by Los Gatos to pull (and attempts by the county to push) them into the welcoming arms of Cat Town. Many county residents have been quite vocal about their opposition to becoming citified, so to speak. In an effort to make annexation look better, the county is reviewing its development standards (long considered lax) in order to align them with neighboring cities.

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Palo Alto--Fur's been flying between Palo Altans for Responsible Dog Ownership and People for Unleashed Pet Space over proposed hours for a canine curfew. After a citizens committee met seven times and still failed to agree on a compromise leash law, Assistant Police Chief Lynne Johnson took matters into her own hands: until Johnson settles the dogfight later this spring, dog owners who don't keep their pets leashed at all times can be cited.

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