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Bomb Threat
Campbell--A threat scribbled on school desks quickly snowballed into rumors that it was a student hit list. The 15-year-old Westmont High School student responsible for writing "Everyone will die on March 21" on two desks told police it was only a joke.

But students and parents went into a panic resulting in the boy's arrest, citation and probable expulsion. According to Principal Bob Sherpa, 643 of Westmont's 1,600 students didn't show up for school on Wednesday fearing the rumored gunman would strike. "I think that since Columbine there's a heightened awareness," Sherpa said. "The reality is that with things like this, you can't take [them] as a joke or a hoax."

Happy Trails
Willow Glen--IThe City Council took a substantial step last week to extend the Los Gatos Creek Trail through Willow Glen into downtown San Jose, by approving the purchase of private land along the creek bed.

The approximately 3,000-square-foot parcel extends from Lonus Avenue, east of Lincoln Avenue, up to the west bank of the creek. "The D'Anna property is one of 12 parcels that will continue the Los Gatos Creek Trail, from Lincoln and Coe to the downtown area," Brad Brown, a park planner, said. Brown added that they hope to have construction on that section completed by mid-to- late 2003.

Sexual Assault
Saratoga--An inmate in the California prison system is suing a Saratoga physician for allegedly sexually assaulting her during a medical examination. Dr. Robert A. Bowman, 66, already faces criminal charges filed in July 2000 on behalf of Lisa Williams--who filed the civil suit--and two other inmates at Central California Women's Facility at Chowchilla.

Through his attorney, Bowman has repeatedly denied all allegations made against him.

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