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Water & Wine
Los Gatos--Only in California would a carwash owner think of selling premium wine to customers while they wait for their autos to be buffed and polished. Classic Car Wash's Campbell and San Jose locations have happily catered to customers' vinous proclivities without increasing drunk-driving problems, according to those cities' police departments, but some members of the Los Gatos Town Council had a hard time swallowing the idea of allowing Classic Car Wash to sell wine from its Los Gatos location. The final vote was 3-2 in favor of letting owner Frank Dorsa peddle the fruit of the vine, but only if he agreed to sell no corkscrews, and please--high-end wines only. This is Los Gatos.

Court Case
Cupertino--Burglary suspect David Dewitt had an exciting night last week. Police say that after Dewitt stole a safe from a McWhorter's stationery store on the Compaq campus, a security guard spotted him pushing the safe across a tennis court. The security guard, thinking this an odd sight, pursued Dewitt to his Honda and wrote down the car's license-plate number while a second security guard reached into the car to keep Dewitt from driving away. Dewitt bit the man and drove off. Sheriffs chased him to a neighborhood near De Anza and Stevens Creek, and found him shortly after.

Wandering Jews
Palo Alto--The Albert L. Schultz Jewish Community Center is facing homelessness even though its lease has seven years remaining. The JCC is falling victim to growing local public-school enrollment, which has led the school board to consider reclaiming the former school site that has housed the center for more than a decade. The parties have been meeting behind closed doors and promise an open public hearing to discuss possible new sites for the wandering tribe.

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