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Class Change
Los Gatos--According to the latest census, diversity in Santa Clara County is on the up and up--less than 50 percent of the county's population is white. Los Gatos and Saratoga, however, deviate from that trend, with local students taking notice.

In March, an edition of Reality Check, a Los Gatos High School student publication, focused on racism within the school. "Since our town has so little cultural diversity, people at Los Gatos High have no concept of what it feels like to be a minority," one student wrote anonymously. "I, myself, as a minority have seen the horrible misconceptions and actions of my fellow classmates."

Bombs Away
Saratoga--An increasing number of bomb hoaxes have plagued local schools since the high-profile De Anza College case, where police discovered a stockpile of weapons they believe would be used in an attack.

One such case: Prospect High School reported a young male caller who twice phoned in a bomb threat. A week later, Prospect received another phone call, which seemed to be from a different person, also male. He asked for the dean and said that his friend was going to bring a gun onto campus that day. The school is working with Pacific Bell to trace the calls. If the suspects are found, they will be arrested and charged with felonies.

Risqué Biz
Sunnyvale--Sunnyvale City Council voted unanimously to add tougher restrictions to city policy regarding adult businesses.

But happily for the five existing adult businesses, they have been "grandfathered" into the new legislation, meaning they are largely exempt from new restrictions.

"Arguably, it benefits [the existing businesses] because it prevents other businesses from being able to compete with them," said Roger Diamond, attorney for the Brass Rail, a "bikini" bar on Persian Drive.

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