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Put 'Em Up
Sunnyvale--Charges are currently pending against 26 Fremont High youth, primarily Latinos, for involvement in a staged slugging match in an on-campus ballpark. Only two were gloved and duking it out; the others simply wanted a gander. Police say their reason for issuing citations was the kids' unwillingness to cooperate in revealing the identity of the boxing duo after the incident occurred. Several meetings with police, school administrators and disquieted members of the Latino community placated students and parents who worried that the charges may have been racially motivated.

Willow Glen--Pop culture gleaned a starring role in the Broadway High School robotics team's most recent victory. Shaped like a Cheesy Poofs box--the favorite snack food of the cartoon characters on South Park--their 'bot made a clean sweep of three regional competitions across the country, the latest held in the SJSU Event Center while Britney Spears and Sugar Ray poured from the speakers. Broadway triumphed over 43 other teams from California, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona and Washington. Twelve students spent 500 hours, courtesy of NASA, erecting the winning machine.

Changing Tunes
Palo Alto--Palo Alto's best-known nightclub, The Edge, will be re-born as an upscale jazz supper club come this summer. Formerly known as the Keystone, the squat black building on California Avenue featured in its heyday the likes of Jerry Garcia, Tom Petty and John Lee Hooker. Neighborhood residents have long complained about noise and uncivil acts by the club's scruffy clientele. After years of defending his youthful patrons, the Edge's owner says the time has come to replace them with a more well-heeled crowd.

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