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Venture Void
Female entrepreneurs say it's still a man's world at the top, where their bids for venture capital often fail.

Doing Grime
Willow Glen--So what was it? The bad acting caught on security camera? The transparent manipulation of store policy to ensure a large sum of cash would be on hand? Whatever it was, it spelled doom for the grand plans of three students in Willow Glen who allegedly staged a robbery two weeks ago. One of the three boys, a new employee of Classic Car Wash on Almaden Expressway, was counting cash late Saturday night when his buddy burst in disguised as an armed robber. After seizing $4,000, he zoomed away in a getaway car driven by a third friend. The three are in custody at juvenile hall.

Junk Banned
Campbell--As the saying goes, you can't teach an old junkyard dog new tricks. Eleven years ago auto parts impresario Paul Del Grande lost a lawsuit to Campbell for storing broken-down cars without a permit behind his store on Campbell Avenue. He just repeated his performance before a backdrop of more than 30 cars piled up behind his shop; the Campbell City Council renewed the lawsuit, and Del Grande now has nine months to clean up his act. "I'm aware of my problem that's built up over the years," the defendant claims. "My customers come in and say, 'Paul, where am I going to park?' "

We All What for Ice Cream?
Key West--Just in from our South Florida bureau: A Key West cop was making his rounds when he happened upon a chilling scene: a 26-year-old man with drawers dropped, right hand predictably occupied, left hand smearing melted chocolate ice cream on his face and chest. When questioned, the man--later identified as Marcel Paul Hernandez of San Jose, never one to sugarcoat things--answered, "I haven't been eaten in a while and needed to lighten my load."

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