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Bank Scheme
Los Gatos--A Los Gatos man, his brother and co-worker--all associated with Twin Technology Inc.--were recently indicted by a federal grand jury on tax-related charges. The three have been charged with various counts of conspiracy, filing a false tax return and structuring activities with a bank for illegal purposes.

Yong Ho Ko, the company's owner, was charged with a total of 13 counts, involving more than $100,000. The defendants allegedly did not report revenue on their 1994-95 income tax returns and failed to file cash transactions with the IRS.

Going, Gone
Saratoga--Long gone are the valley's orchard days. Family members of Saratoga's late Louis Dorcich, who owned the cherry grove on Quito Road, want to develop the two-acre estate.

"We'd be delighted, along with the neighbors of the property, to see it remain as a viable orchard," said Louis Dorcich Jr., who lives in Watsonville. "But no one in the family has expressed an interest."

The city has allowed the Dorcich family and potential developers to consider dividing the parcel into six lots of about 12,000 square feet each.

Revved-Up Honda
Campbell--Rep. Mike Honda said congestion in the Bay Area is improving and that he is optimistic about the Vasona light rail extension reaching Los Gatos.

Honda also spoke about a bill he's introduced that would enact a program called National Education Technology Corps, NET Corps for short. The initiative, which would create a nationwide program to recruit volunteers in the technology industry to put their tech expertise to work in the classroom, was launched by Honda at Rosemary Middle School. "It'll help us promote math and science in the way we promote sports," Honda said.

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