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Forest Freaks
Cupertino--Brian Henry and Eric Hanson, two Cupertino natives, are tired of watching Latin American rainforests be consumed at the hands of corporate greed. After forming EarthDog--a nonprofit environmental group--the two are trekking 2,658 miles on the Pacific Coast Trail, from the Mexican to the Canadian border, to raise $10,000 for Nature Conservancy's Adopt-an-acre project and expand Brazil's Pantanal reserve. On May 2, armed with a hearty stash of freeze-dried enchiladas and trail mix, Henry and Hanson, both 23, set off on the jaunt, which they'll finish in the Cascades by October's end.

Mosh No More
Campbell--Chemical Free Zone, a drug and alchohol free hangout for local teenagers, can't seem to keep its rep as the safe place organizers have strived to make it. In two unrelated incidents on the eve of April 28, one teenager toyed with a cap gun, which, say police reports, he held in the air and threatened to shoot. Several hours later, an unruly mosher started a brawl with security guards, according to Cheryl Johnson, who runs the place along with husband Terry. Advised by the city's rec director, the CFZ will now enforce tighter regulations and ditch the mosh pit.

History Lesson
Los Gatos--Despite opposition from residents and town staff who predict inflated traffic and parking problems, blocked mountain views and attention drawn away from historic Los Gatos High School, crews have leveled the charming old Kerful Cleaners building for construction of the grandiose Main Street Hotel. The 72-room, terra-cotta-topped, stucco-walled hotel--with seven conference rooms, a 166-seat restaurant and bar, a pool and underground parking garages--is slated for completion in spring 2001. It promises to pump up the town's coffers with higher property taxes and rake in $333,000 yearly in hotel taxes.

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